Can glofish be in a 5 gallon tank

  1. Scott2848

    Scott2848 Member Member

    I saw a 5 gallon glofish tank on Amazon and I wondered if I can put some glofish in that tank. I know glofish require groups can groups of glofish work for a 5 gallon tank? If glofish can go in a five gallon tank which ones can go in a five gallon tank?
  2. Aquaphobia

    Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    No. Underneath their bright colours they are just zebra danios, black skirt tetras and tiger barbs and need all the same care and space. TMK a 20 gallon is the minimum, preferably a 20 long due to their activity level!
  3. OP

    Scott2848 Member Member

    Ok thank you