Can Fish Get Ick When They Are Already Being Treated For Parasites?

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  1. Crystaldj

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    This has got me puzzled and I'm not sure what I can do about it.

    Ok, about a month ago we diagnosed and did the first treatment of the Camallanus parasite on my tanks, plus my best friend's and niece's tanks. Everything has gone fairly smoothly since then.

    Now, in the middle of the 2nd treatment, I noticed this morning that some of my fish (3) in my big tank have ick! How can this be? And what in the world could I treat it with being as they are already in the middle of a very intense parasite treatment?

    There haven't been any temperature fluctuations or anything stress-wise to cause ick to appear, except maybe for the stresses of the levimasole...

    I'm at a loss here, what do I do now?


    These are the best pictures I could get with my phone camera. Both of my Blue Rams and one Painted Platy are affected.
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  2. smee82

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    Camt see your pics but i would just treat the Camallanus and leave The ich treatment until after thats done
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    Thank you Smee82, I had wondered about that, but I also know how fast ick can kill a fish.... At the same time I am very reluctant to add another medication to the tanks. Looks like waiting may be the only thing I can do.
    I don't know why the pics didn't come through, I may have to add them on my computer instead of my phone.