Can changing landscaping cause increased stress and death in weak individuals?

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    I had 6 healthy Bloodfin Tetras in my 20 gallon tank (with my Cory cat and Dwarf Gourami). They have been active and happy for many months. Four days ago during my regular water change/maintenance, I reversed my tank landscaping. That is, if a plant was on the left, I moved it to the exact spot on the right. Everything inside the tank was just reversed so it's a mirror image. Soon after I noticed that one Tetra wasn't as active and didn't eat as much any more. He still ate and moved around just not as much. Earlier tonight he didn't look any worse but later on he was belly up and a total goner. It was very fast.

    So, my question is - does radically altering the landscaping potentially cause a lot of stress in weak individuals that could result in death? Or was this just a case of bad timing? My water parameters are perfect so I'm not sure why this fish would just die.
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    Good morning Eepruls,

    So sorry to hear about your fish loss. Rearranging the tank might have stressed them a bit but I don't feel like it would have caused a death. However, if the fish was already ill then I guess it could be a possibility. When you did a water change, did you match the water temperature and pH as close as you could?

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    Oh yeah. I am super careful when I do water changes and have done them for years. I never have ammonia or nitrites. In fact, I go a little overboard sometimes so that I don't stress them - standing back when feeding, not making a lot of noise near the tank, not sticking my arm inside the tank to rearrange things, etc. I just find it strange that other people barely take care of their fish and yet their fish seem to live yet I give them everything they could ever want (including no predators!) and they still die! LOL

    Is it normal for fish to just die or do most people keep fish for a long time before they die of old age? I have had other fish that lived for a long time (including my cory cat now - he's awesome!). Sometimes though a fish will just suddenly stop eating and when I see that I know they'll be a goner soon.
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    no predators huh? lol--this pic is typical of my place. Honestly I'm surprised that no one has been 'fished' out yet (I do have lids, but the one is missing the cover for the food door)

    I haven't seen any signs of stress from moving things around in the tanks yet. Of course... I have goldies and a betta. And the goldies in particular are well known for following my arm and hands around like little puppies :rolleyes:

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    That's hilarious Shine!
    Great pic!

    My two do the exact same thing, and refuse to drink water from anywhere else!

    eepruls, just a thought - did you add dechlorinator when you did your water change?
    Did you test your water straight after discovering the loss?
    Which test kit do you use? I notice your aquarium info says API, but are they strips or liquid?

    Also, did you notice any odd marks on the tetra, such as red gills, or other coloured spots?