Can anyone tell me what might have happened?


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So a few days ago my mom and I found a baby blue jay while driving. We stopped to pick him up and care for him until he could be released. (My mom used to do animal rehabilitation, so she knew what she was doing) the little guy was my responsibility since I really want to rehabilitate animals. I would feed him around every two hours with a paste of powdered wild bird seed, and dog food for protein. He got so excited to see me bring him food I fell in love, he was such a happy bird. This morning I went to feed him and found him on the floor of the cage, dead. I'm absolutely devastated... He had no prier issues we could see, and he ate really well. Does anyone know why he died?


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Bird are super sensitive to stress Hun. The only thing i could think of according to your story and how he was acting, is away from the wild, his mom and family and now inside a house with strangers, even with the best care, its so stressful for the little ones! Also, baby birds require heat. Did you have like a heat source/lamp for him at all?

Also, keep in mind that maybe something struck him and thats why he was on the ground to start with. The injuries could of caught up to him and he passed from that as well.

So many maybes! Don't make yourself sick from it hun! We can't save them all ;) and trust me, im in the same boat! I always try to do that and it doesn't always work!

Nature has a funny way ❤

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