Can Anyone Id This Plant?


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Hi, I bought this plant at a garden center for an outdoor fishbowl last spring. It did really well in the fishbowl and I introduced some guppies after a few weeks (because I had seen this a lot in Vietnam). We have hard winters here, so I brought the plant indoors and transplanted it to my aquarium, where it is doing fine. The aquarium fish love it and it keeps the algae in the tank way down. I thought it might be a water crowfoot, but there have never been any blossoms on the surface of the water. Unfortunately, I misplaced the plant identifier that came with the plant, so I really don't know what it is. What is interesting about the plant is that it has threads that hang down from the underside of the plant. These may be a proto root system, and I am attempting to verify this in a separate bowl with a suitable dirt bottom in which I have placed some offshoots.


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