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Can anyone ID these LR high-jackers.... Help

Discussion in 'Photos' started by ibiaquariums, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. ibiaquariums Valued Member Member

    Hey fishlore..

    Any chance of ID'ing these trouble makers for us?!

    Theirs a crab??? and a snail???

    any help is great help, thank you!!!


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    Last edited: Mar 16, 2010
  2. Morgan111 Well Known Member Member

    cant see them good enough
  3. ibiaquariums Valued Member Member

    quality of picture/detail of him??

    or size??

    The top left picture you can see the whole crab....

    ill try for some HD ones lol!! thanks for looking. r repost soon as i got better ones!
  4. Morgan111 Well Known Member Member

    I can see it just not all the detail.... prob. just a decorator crab or something of the sort.... I've got a crab in my tank that i have no idea how he made it in there as my live rock came in dry lol.... and I've never bought a crab lol only thing I can figure is he came in on a coral frag n was tiny
  5. ibiaquariums Valued Member Member

    Yeh i rekon that your probably right with your verdict on your crab! I rekon mine was something along those lines also. just grew from the smallest of small lol.

    Ive looked all over the net.. and found not even 1 picture that looks like my crab! Not sure about a decorator... ive read up on those, if mines a decorator then hes decorating the inside of that rock loooool. My crab is also lightning quick & hides majority of the time, comming out a little more at night, but not a great deal at that... i dont even think id be able to catch him... id have to remove that whole piece of LR. thoe hes probably still a junior crab, and maybe still shy... who knows *sob sob*...

    Does anyone know how long it takes a crab to turn adult? is their a way of telling?

    thanx guys n girls! :)
  6. Morgan111 Well Known Member Member

    I know some of them will eat coral and such, I got rid of the decoratr I had long ago because he was getting into stuff I didnt want him too.