Can anyone help me in what sex these angelfish are?

  1. JDavies200 Member Member

    Hi recently got to angelfish and would like to know what sex they are my lfs didn't know. But would like to know if anyone has an idea. Just want to know weather I should be preparing for aggressive angelfish in the future. Pictures attached.Thank you!



  2. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

  3. Peacefantasy Well Known Member Member

    The yellow im fairly certain is female.
    First thought on the silver was female also but thats a tricky one..
    In reality you wont know for absolute certain until you see them spawning, when their breeding tubes are clearly showing.
    Right now with those pictures, im not sure.
    Keep us updated! :)
  4. JDavies200 Member Member

    I know it's a tough on. I've tried reading it myself but can't make up my mind. Was just wondering if anyone had more experience and would give me a fighting chance nearer the time. Lol hard to say how big they are. Probably 10-15 cm. A rough guess not at home atm. What size would they be when I'd be able to see the tubes? Or is it a cause of if I'm lucky enough to catch them out?
  5. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Is that including or not including their fins?
  6. JDavies200 Member Member

    With...will try to measure them tonight if I can.
  7. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    They're probably too small to sex then.
  8. JDavies200 Member Member

    At sort of what age/size are they able to sex? I know it's very difficult to until they mature
  9. chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    The one fish is not silver, it is a Blue, and it is probably a male, but only about 70% possibility on sex. The Pearlscale, I'm not sure I would want to call sex, but I'd say about 60% female possibility. They are in excellent shape, quite nice, but could use a little fattening up. I prefer frozen brine shrimp to frozen bloodworms, I've seen too many health problems coming from the use of bloodworms.
  10. bizaliz3 Fishlore VIP Member

  11. JDavies200 Member Member

    bizaliz3 thank you! I love the colours in them. My first angelfish and my first proper aquarium.
    chromedome52 atm they are on tropical flakes and cichlid pellets as they are housed with a gold sev and a few dollars. I use the flakes to distract the dollars so everyone gets some grub lol is that want they are normally feed on. I asked my lfs and they said the pellets would be fine
  12. bizaliz3 Fishlore VIP Member

    You started out with some gorgeous angels :)
    Pearlscale is my favorite angelfish "trait". :) I also really like the blue gene in angels....your angel that looks similar to the common silver angels is actually a blue one (like chromedome52 said) So you got a couple of my favs right there! :)

    Instead of measuring with inches or centimeters....can you tell us about what size the body is compared to something are they quarter sized? or half dollar sized for instance?

    What size tank are they in? You should prepare for aggression regardless what their gender is because angels can become aggressive regardless of the gender. They are cichlids afterall!! You just never know what to expect with angels long term. So while we are not able to sex them for you doesn't change the fact that you will want to be prepared for possible aggression at any point. And that was your reason for asking about story short....yes, you should be prepared for aggression. That I can tell you 100%! :) You may get lucky and never have any aggression problems, but it is always good to be prepared!!
  13. JDavies200 Member Member

    Bodies are roughly the size of a can of coke 330ml. Tank is 200L I know that the dollars and sev will grow out of this tank we are fully aware of this and will be upgrading tank in the future. They look amazing. Just wanted to be prepared for aggressive parents over eggs :)
  14. bizaliz3 Fishlore VIP Member

    The top of a pop can huh? That's actually pretty big.... :)

    I think that would be large enough to be breeding age! I would say that is about the size mine were when they started breeding.

    How long have you had them?
  15. JDavies200 Member Member

    We have had them 2 weeks atm. Still getting used to have proper fish
  16. bizaliz3 Fishlore VIP Member

    Well they are beautiful! I hope they remain friends and don't give you and aggression issues! :)
  17. JDavies200 Member Member

    And me! How would I know if they have paired up? We got them from the same tank when we bought them both so they know each other haha. How will I know either way?
  18. aliray Fishlore VIP Member

    What kind of problems from feeding frozen thawed blood worms to fish have you encountered ? I feed those once a week , my fish and frozen thawed brine shrimp once a week. I have an angel fish , bn plecos, harlequin rasboras, sunset thicklipped gourami, neon tetras, cherry barbs, ember tetras , glowlight tetras, kuhli loaches. Now I am curious? Alison;)
  19. bizaliz3 Fishlore VIP Member

    With my first pair, I never noticed until one day there were eggs in my tank. lol

    They will spend a lot of time together, and if they become a "pair" you will be able to see their breeding tubes (right around the same spot you see their poop come out) When they are getting ready to lay eggs you will see them cleaning a particular area with their mouths (a large leaf or the filter intake for instance) that is where they are getting ready to lay their eggs.

    If they "pair up", you will know it :) You'll pick up on the signs!!
  20. chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    It was a long time ago, and I lost a tank full of fish from feeding frozen Bloodworms. I later learned that the frozen ones are not grown in clean water, they often come from septic systems. I have collected live ones from my own pools, but I only fed them to heavy duty predators. They seem to damage the intestines of smaller fish due to the chitinous body armor.

    I can't imagine Embers or Kuhlis even being able to eat bloodworms.