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Can Anyone Help Identify What Type My Betta Is? Question

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by blink88, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. blink88 New Member Member

    Here is my little girl, Rosie. Shes about 8 months old (she was a baby betta and SUPER TINY... smaller than the others I saw when I got her). Now that she has filled out a bit I was trying to figure of what she is but cant quite tell. Maybe shes just too young still but her tail is confusing me lol Anyone have a clue? *the pic of her face is just because it was cute*

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  2. Fanatic Fishlore VIP Member

    It's a female cambodian coloration, which is the light body with the solid red fins, and her tail is most likely a veiltail but possibly a halfmoon if I could get a flaring picture.

  3. NoahMallory New Member Member

    It looks like a female Plakat but I could be wrong

  4. blink88 New Member Member

    Now that I think about it I've never actually seen her flare lol I was trying to see if she would just now by setting a little mirror outside her tank and she stared for minute and did a little bit but then tucked it all in and swam away so I put it away. I maybe got a better picture? Lol  
  5. Fanatic Fishlore VIP Member

    It looks like she's not a halfmoon, that caudal fin doesn't extend far enough to be a halfmoon.
  6. WinterSoldier. Well Known Member Member

    She looks like a female veiltail. Btw very pretty and soooo cute
  7. Repolie Well Known Member Member

    I recognize the background as the Marina Betta EZ Care tank and I really suggest that you look into a larger tank with a heater and filter for the best environment for her to grow in.
  8. blink88 New Member Member

    :) dont worry!! I do have a bigger tank with a filter (I've never worried with a heater only because I live in Hawaii.... she isnt cold lol) she's just temporarily in this one right now bc I need to figure out a new home for the big tank due to having a toddler and cat.... they started getting brave and I was afraid something would happen to her so I put her in the small tank for now :)
  9. loneminx Valued Member Member

    I'm not that good at identifying but I think she is super cute!! I m planning on getting a tiny female betta once my tank is cycled.