Can Anyone Help Identify These Plants

Discussion in 'Plant ID' started by Minxxy, May 17, 2019.

  1. MinxxyValued MemberMember

    I bought them and didnt take note of their names and now im looking to make sure im caring for them well etc and ‍♀️i don't know what they are the one i wisteria that i do know and maybe an anubius 20190517_080616.jpg15580950622054222697553787349009.jpg
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    1) Ludwigia repens - Fairly easy, prefers medium light intensity - CO2 or not.
    2) Alternanthera reineckii - Fairly easy, prefers medium - high light intensity - CO2 or not.
    3) Anubias - Easy, prefers low - medium light intensity - CO2 or not, do not plant into substrate. Attach to rocks / hardscape / driftwood etc with glue / string / zip tie.
    4) Wisteria. Easy, prefers low - medium light intensity - CO2 or not. Plant in substrate or float.
    5) Possibly Alternanthera reineckii, could be a Ludwigia species as well, tough to tell.


    6) Crypt - unsure on sub-species. Could be cryptocoryne wendtii green - Easy to grow, prefers any light intensity, CO2 or not.

    To care for these, buy a decent all-in-one fertilizer such as Thrive, and follow the directions it comes with. Consider dosing some Flourish Excel at the "after water change" rate daily. Buy some Osmocote+ granular fertilizer, and place a few balls every few months under the crypt / rooted plants - push deep into substrate.

    Unhealthy plants are a giant invitation to algae. Consider large weekly water changes, removing decomposing organics (substrate vacuum / siphon out mulm build-up / remove or trim away decaying or ill looking plant tissue) as well as regularly cleaning filter media out in old tank water during a water change.

    Run lights for 8 hours a day + / - 2 hours.

    Not sure, but are you planning on running CO2 at all? Are you currently dosing any fertilzers / Excel / Metricide? Do you have any test kits for NO3, kH, gH or pH? These are important values if your goal is healthy plants (we can work around them if you don't have the test kits however! )

    Good luck.
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    Thank you, i do 25% water changes every 10ish days as my tanks abit over stocked right now, i havent thought of c02 but am picking up some fertilizer this weekend for them. The light is on slightly longer then i would like as i leave house at 8am and get back at 7pm and still like to enjoy them at night.
  4. MinxxyValued MemberMember

    I have since picked up flurish and excell, ill get the test kits next week ...i moved the anubis onto a rock as it was planted, but it did push up a new leaf so im guessing it wasnt too deep, hoping it will be happier now. I also finally got my madigascar lace in