Can Angelfish breed and eggs hatch with other fish in tank


I have 3 blue Gouramis, 2 Gold Gouramis, 2 Kissing Gouramis, 5 serpia Tetras, a  pleco,  5 catfish & 5 clown loaches.  Can you have a sucessfull breeding of Angelfish if you mix these other fish in the tank with them.  I know Angelfish are protective while breeding but will any of these fish eat the eggs.  Do I need to just have Angelfish in the tank by themselves.  I have 3 breeding pair. I have 2 -  75 gallon tanks....I can work with.
Thanks.  Hope someone can help me.


I don't really know, but a lot of fish will eat eggs. I would keep the Angels separate just to be safe.


if you buy a tank divider you won't have to bother with moving all the fish around. keep one of the angels in there until the eggs have hatched and then put the young fry in a separate tank.


You will probably have to move your angels to another tank. A 20 gallon high would be preferable. More than likely, the eggs will either be eaten by the other fish in the tank if they get the chance, or the angels will swallow the eggs themselves. When they get nervous about their eggs getting eaten, they sometimes get nervous and eat them themselves. I have 2 pairs of angels in a 55 gal. and they have yet to refrain from eating their eggs. I talked to the breeder I got them from, and he gave me the explanation I just gave you. It's also possible that the angels will eat the eggs just out of inexperience. Some never get it, and the eggs have to be removed and artifically raised by you to grow them into baby angels.


If it isn't possible to move them just leave as they can usually fend off the other fish. My two angelfish get very aggressive and don't even let my 4.5 inch Feather fin catfish(Syndontis Eupterus) near the eggs unfortuantely I still haven't got a male to fertilize them yet
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