Can Albino And Panda Corys School With Each Other??

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by Bigbadwolff, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Bigbadwolff

    BigbadwolffNew MemberMember

    since both are schooling type, if I were to get 3 of each can they school together??
  2. KinsKicks

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    They won't necessarily "school" together. It'll be more like they'll play together and enjoy each other's company than actually school together. Oddly enough, they can tell the color differences, and/or whatever minuscule differences (maybe chemical?) that differentiate the varieties and won't necessarily group up with them. In really large tanks where two separate varieties are housed together (ex: 6 pandas and 6 bronze) they'll tend to hover near their own groups rather than group-intermingle with the others. But, the group size should be enough for them to maybe feel like theyre in a school, but necessarily form one. :p

    Hope this helps and best of luck!
  3. SallImSayin

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    Mine play together, eat together... I have 11 (Peppered, Albino, and Green/Emerald) but they don't, 'school', per se. Two or 3 will flit around together but that's it, no elaborate schooling formation.
  4. OP

    BigbadwolffNew MemberMember

    Yes it does help lol

    Yeah couldn't come up with a word other than schooling at the time but just wanted to know if they would interact with each other or would they be lonely since I would only be getting 3 of each
  5. DoubleDutch

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    I would indeed get 6 of the same species (or albinos and bronze whichbare the same species). Social behaviour will be best in that way and they will feel more at ease.

    Both are great btw