Can a tank have a second bacterial bloom less than a month later?

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Short version: I had a bacterial bloom in early April which self-resolved. However this morning the tank started to look cloudy again. Can a tank have a second bacterial bloom less than a month later?

Long Version:
On April 9th I posted about having a bacterial bloom (). Eventually it resolved itself without me doing an additional water change (I had to practically sit on my hands).
Since then the water has been beautifully clear. Last week (Thursday, 4/21) I had a small ammonia spike (0.25) guessing due to decaying vegetables that weren't out fast enough (well, the center of the zucchinI was removed & I didn't find it until the next day). I did a water change during the day and used Prime. Then that evening I re-tested and still had 0.25 ammonia. I re-dosed with Prime, then had to head out of town. I reduced Prime on the evening of 4/22, but I didn't have time to test.
Today water testing showed 0/0/10, but is beginning to look cloudy again. So I did a water change of 50% dosing for the full volume of the tank with Prime. Could it be a second bacterial bloom? I wanted to test anyway to make sure the ammonia issue had resolved (my tank in the 2 months it has been cycled has always dealt with any ammonia spikes (previously due to addition of fish) within 48 hours.
So - since my water numbers were good I am just hoping another bacterial bloom, but does that happen? If not - what could it be?
Shout out to my usual awesome crew: TexasDomer, Bithimala, aliray, Dovah, mattgirl
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If your parameters are good, and they are, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Probably just some more "growing pains." Should go away eventually just like the first one.
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Could there be anything you missed? A piece of veggie in there for too long, a plant that is so decaying, ? Alison
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For a tank to fully cycle there will be two blooms, no way around that fact. I'm a little confused as to when it was set up but I see nitrates are reading. Any chance you are over cleaning/vacuuming as that will make a tank have to cycle again (Commonly known as a minI cycle)
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nothing to worry about. I went through a really short bout of just a tiny bit of cloudyness after mine cycled and cleared up the original bloom. I think as others have said, just growing pains as your tank is getting well established.
MrReal I have never heard of over cleaning substrate causing a mini-cycle. I can see it happening if the filter media is cleaned with other than used tank water or dechlorinated clean water. I'm not saying it can't possibly happen but I think it would be very unusual.
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If it is a second bacterial bloom (very plausible), then don't increase your water changes - water changes can make it worse or make it last longer.
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Thanks TexasDomer... I usually wouldn't have done a water change this soon, but with two kids home today who really wanted to see me do it... I did one. I will now sit on my hands for a week and not change the water, but may test is occasionally. I still don't really know what caused th ammonia last week. I think it must have been the zucchinI - gave me quite a scare. I went to remove it and the middle was all missing. I figured someone had really gone to town (maybe the snails got tired of algae or something). Then the next day I see what I think is a carcas in the back... and I try to figure out what fish it is, or a shrimp... and then I realize that it is the zucchinI middle... ha! So that is when I decided to test water & do a water change. So - aliray - I think that is what happened. The zucchinI was sort of old, so I think it just fell apart much more easily than previous pieces. Thank you all...
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Cleaning say filters too well will make it go into a minI cycle. Key ocd doesn't serve well in the hobby, in the fact that dirty to a degree and care is actually clean and clean can be dirty =harmful.
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Personally, I'd put my money on the zucchini. If I put it in fresh, it can last maybe a day and a half, if I blanch it first, it's usually got to get pulled out no more than 24 hours at absolute most, or the water will get cloudy. At least, that's my experience with it.

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