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can a fish NOT deliver fry?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by woodsplace1, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. woodsplace1 New Member Member

    Ok, I have posted before about my dalmation molly being pregnant, we have tried the breeder net, she has been in there now for over 3 days. Honestly it seems like she has been this big now for well over a month. Can something be wrong? She is eating fine, she seems well, can there be a problem where the fry is stuck? You all please don't laugh, I am a labor nurse so I am very intersted in this whole experience, but most of the info I am getting is she should have delivered well before now. Can she die if the fry does not get expelled? I'm freaking out just a bit, I know it is a just a fish and a few have said be prepared for them to die once in a while but we have not had that happen yet so I want to do everything possible to make it better for her. Any advice would be fantastic as to what to expect.

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  2. 0morrokh Fishlore VIP Member

    Just keep waiting, the fry will come. Are you serious, livebearers can die having babies?? I want to breed mine, but I don't want to but them in danger... ??? :(

  3. newbie101 Well Known Member Member

    my pregnant guppy died BEFORE having her babies, she was pregnant for almost 2 months and yes she was definitely pregnant, gravid spot and very fat. I even added some magnesium sulfate to the tank to help, but I guess it didn't...And my female swordtail had 30 or so fry and died about a week afterward. I don't know if that was from having fry or...
  4. woodsplace1 New Member Member

    ok, today...still no fry. She is digging at the bottom of the net like she wants to get out. I am thinking of letting her out, it has been almost 5 days now for her to be in the net and still no fry and it has been well over 5 weeks that she has been this big. I really think something is wrong. I am nervous for her, how much longer should I wait?
  5. 0morrokh Fishlore VIP Member

    Emma, something was definately wrong with the Guppy, since I'm pretty sure they're supposed to give birth within a month. Sorry about your fish :'( I think maybe I won't breed after all. I didn't realize fish could die from it.
    woodsplace1, it is quite possible that the Molly is very stressed from being stuck in a little breeding net, and therefore is holding back her fry. Some fish just don't like those things. I would let her out. If there are other fish in the tank, you could buy a tank divider for a few bucks to separate the fry. Or, if you think there are enough plants, you could just hope some of the fry find hiding places. One of my Guppies was pregnant when I bought her (and I hadn't even noticed! :p), and even though I only have fake plants 2 fry survived.
  6. Jason Well Known Member Member

    I didnt put mine in the trap until i literally saw the baby as i didnt want to leave her in the tiny space for longer than she had to
  7. woodsplace1 New Member Member

    thanks guys...I think I will try taking her out today...I will let you know how things go. As of today, Saturday, she has still not had the fry and it has to have been at least 5 weeks now, I think too long, thanks, I'll keep you posted.