Camallanus Worms

  1. Aqua J Member Member

    Ok im pretty sure i have camallanus worms in my tank. And i found a thing called levamisloe hydro chloride in liquid form. It says 1ml per 50l. Do i put this directly into the water colum or soak bloodworms in it. Please reply fast, i dont want to loose any fish!
  2. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    If your fish are still eating then soaking their food will be the best way to get the meds where they're needed.

    Good luck!
  3. Aqua J Member Member

    Should i soak the food in a little bit of water as well so it's not to strong of a formula for the fish
  4. EmmaBudgie Member Member

    I have just successfully treated my fish for camallanus. I used kilverm (I am from Australia, this is an Australian product VETSENSE KILVERM | Vetsense)

    It was a liquid, so I added it to my tank when doing water changes. I dosed 1ml per 7 litres of tank water. None of mine went into the fishes food, just in the water and it looks like it has worked. But I am unsure with your product.

    Best of luck
  5. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    That's Levamisole, too. As I've said, if they'll eat it that's the most direct way to get it to the worms. Unfortunately it's a banned product in Canada and I was moving at the time so couldn't order it internationally. In desperation I bought Seachem Garlic Guard and soaked their food in that. I don't know if it actually got rid of the worms but it did improve their appetite. I thought they were a lost cause but they perked up after a few feedings and since I've moved I've not seen any sign of the camallanus worms!
  6. EmmaBudgie Member Member

    Yeah it is levamisole but unsure if it is as concentrated or whatever as the other persons product (for dosage, adding it to food etc)

    Just be careful even if the worms look like they're gone, other members of this forum have said they only protrude to lay eggs (or if no room left in fish) and can then go back up into the fish. Especially if the fish are active, the camallanus may go back up into the fish to hide.

    It sucks it is a controlled substance in your country. It is the same for many things here in Australia so I feel your pain. Our biosecurity laws are so tough, we can't even get TSS!
  7. Aqua J Member Member

    Bio security here in nz is so strict. We don't even have shrimp here! Levamisole is accessible but quite expensive!
  8. EmmaBudgie Member Member

    Omg even Australia has shrimp that's crazy!!