Camallanus worm treatment (+snails)

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by junebug, Jul 4, 2015.

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    I've been chatting with Charles Harrison, Steve Marple, and the owner of MVP Aquatics whose name escapes me at the moment, but I want to call him Michael.

    Anyway, been talking to these guys about treating the camallanus worms in my tanks, particularly those sensitive species I keep. Betta hendra, Betta sp. api api, and Barbus hulstaerti, along with my M. ansorgii (they are a smidge on the sensitive side when it comes to these things as well).

    Anyway, my main issue is that I have snails in the tanks. Some on purpose snails, some accidental snails I don't care about, and some I've decided may not be worth saving from the levamisole (which will kill snails, or so I'm told). I asked Mr. Harrison about the snails in the tanks I need to treat, and whether the levamisole would kill them. His response was, as usual, not to the question I asked (he tends to go on mini-information spews about things). But, he let me know that any snails I want to keep should be moved to a quarantine tank to avoid the levamisole.

    I found that surprising, given camallanus worms can live quite a while without a host. So I read on...

    It turns out, young worms *do* need a host to survive more than a week. When adult worms leave a host, or the host dies, or they eat their way out its' side, or whatever the case may be, they can live nearly indefinitely without finding another host, as they're known to commonly feed on detritus in the substrate. But the babies can't go more than a week without finding a fish.

    So I'm moving my mystery snail and assassin snail, along with probably one of the pond snails from the strain I've been cultivating (not sure where that strain is going eventually, not in egg-layer tanks though) to a quarantine tub for the four weeks I'll be treating my tanks.

    Given that I plan to treat in the main tanks, to avoid my fish murdering each other in a barebottom QT as I would normally suggest for people with camallanus worms, I'm going with a slightly heavier dose of Levamisole. I'm trying it in the water this time, as the last time I tried treating with it, I fed it in medicated food and it didn't have any effect, or at least not enough of one to save my livebearer tanks.

    Anyway, just wanted to put out the information about the snails. Since they act only as intermediary hosts for young worms, and the young worms can't survive long without a fish host, they can apparently be quarantined for the treatment period and then safely added back into the main tanks.
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    Very good information and I have been fortunate as of yet to have them or to have them that I am aware of-sounds like I would know they!
    Thanks junebug!