Calotropis procera hard or softwood?


I recently found a beautiful piece of calotropis procera roots.
calotropis procera aka apple of sodom.
But i'm having hard time knowing if it is a hardwood or softwood and if i should use it on my tank.
Can anyone help?


I don't know by personal experience, but my search on it says it is somewhere between a soft and a hardwood. But more importantly, its sap is extremely toxic. Apparently, the bark was used in making of poisonous arrows. I would pass if I were you.


The flower structure makes me think it's in the same family as milkweed. If that's true, I would definitely avoid it. Milkweed and most of its relatives are known to have fairly toxic sap.
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Kribensis27 said:
The flower structure makes me think it's in the same family as milkweed
yes it is the same family.

actually i read about its sap and fruit being poisonous, but since it's dead tree i didn't see that as a problem.
i guess in doubt i better leave it be.
it's a shame, because it's really beautiful. i will keep it a maybe someday use it in a terrarium or in my garden.
thanks guys
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Yesterday i throw it out.
But before, i took this photos, so i could share them with you, especially those who might consider using this same tree.
The branches are hollow on the inside, not only this make it hard to be clean as it breaks easily.
Totally not suitable for aquarium use.
Thanks all for the feedback.



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