Calling gourami keepers Help

  1. Jomolager

    Jomolager Well Known Member Member

    My super aggressive, incredibly gorgeous golden gourami who earned his name: Putin, has been exiled from community 20G and later 29G for his antisocial behavior. He is now by himself languishing in a 15G.

    During water changes all plants and rocks are removed and I observe him swimming from end to end so exuberantly I realize that 15G is too small for him. He needs more space.

    His tank is now on the kitchen counter above the kitchen counter, that serves as a bar or breakfast nook if ryou know what I mean. He keeps me company and knows my moods better than anybody else in our household I want to upgrade him to 29G, but the bottom of 29G is 12.5 inches wide, while the counter is 12 inches wide.

    Will quarter of an inch sticking out on each side cause problems? Any architects among us? Please?
  2. Jim

    Jim Well Known Member Member

    Cut I piece of 5/8 inch plywood the exCt size of the tanks footprint and paint it back. Problem solved!
  3. OP

    Jomolager Well Known Member Member

    In others words, if I get a board the size of my tank bottom I will avert a possible disaster of bursting or collapsing tank?
  4. SW5

    SW5 Well Known Member Member

    I believe Jim is spot on with that advice. The primary concern of having it hanging over is excessive stress on the aquarium, obviously, and by having a board under it, it would support the entire bottom of the aquarium, and therefore would not put any more stress on the aquarium than if it were on a large enough surface. Just be sure to get good, high quality plywood, as the cheaper sort is not well bonded and can sort of peel apart over time, in my experience.
  5. OP

    Jomolager Well Known Member Member

    For something like this I am not going to worry about a few bucks, when alternative would mean loss of fish, not to mention the replacement of the unfortunate, wall to wall rug and possible damage to the ceiling the floor bellow.

    What kind of board should I get? Should it be a little bit larger than my tank bottom to offer more support?
  6. SW5

    SW5 Well Known Member Member

    As Jim said earlier, 5/8 inch plywood would certainly work, but if you want it thicker for more peace of mind, it certainly would not hurt anything.
  7. NCE12940

    NCE12940 Well Known Member Member

    I have 3/4" plywood on the floor under my 45g tank. Lot more weight than your setup.
  8. millca

    millca Valued Member Member

    How is your breakfast bar supported? Mine is only supported by shelf supports underneath and I would never even consider putting a 29g tank on it. Please make sure your bar can hold that much water weight.