Call me CRAZY! - Storm hit a milestone!!


Ok...well the crazy part is a given!

Storm hasn't eaten a thing in 8 days.  I was watching Storm move slowly around his tank this morning, and thought, I am going to unplug the filter/airstone.  So I did.  Then as I watched, I had this brainwave - why don't I just touch the surfce of the water lightly and act like a mosquito....what can I say, I live in the North...I put two pellets and a bloodworm on top of the water.  Ready??  For some reason this caught Storm's interest...and didn't he some up, circle a few times, and eat those pellets!!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D  Then he took in the bloodworm, but spit some of it out.

Ok, at that point I am acting like a real crazy person....yay, smiling and "good boying" him, which just beyond sanity.  Who cares - he ate!!

Yesterday was the last day of his Maracyn Plus treatment.  He has been swimming more, and last night, because I have been leaving the light on for warmth, I suppose he sees himself in the corner of the hex, and he was flaring those gills and fins.  Wow, he's purrrrty!!!  I have been turning the light off every now and then just to give him a break, and he seems to move more with the light off, could that be or is it just my imagination.  ( Roses's baby is afraid of the dark, Storm is afraid of the light--LOL)

I will try bit of pea later today.  The little tear inside his analfin is a bit larger, but I don't think it is fin rot.  Otherwise he looks pretty good.  His tail is incredibly long, and sometimes that dorsal fin falls over as if it is too heavy to carry.  I might keep his filter off and change water every day, or get one of those gang valve thingees....maybe he didn't like the movement, even tho he sat in it - probably too weak to move.

Hey guys, we may have a successful rescue here....I won't count my chickens, but the progress has sure raised my spirits!!  Thanks to everyone for moral support through this rescue!!!    If it wasn't before noon, I would have a glass of wine to celebrate.......yay ;D ;D


YAY! Party in Storm's tank when he's full recovered. ;D

With my recovering bettas, I stack plastic caves on top of each other (albeit securely) so they have a lot of shade, and don't use a filter but for a little bit of each day unless they are in an isolation tank, because it's too powerful and pushes them around like butterflies in the wind. I just barely have an airstone touching the surface.

My healthy female bettas get all stripey whenever they are in an isolation unit within the big tank near the lights - they calm down if I put something opaque over the top of it to give them shade.


Hooray for progress! I'm so happy that he finally ate something, I know it's a load off your mind...


Yay!!! Eating is always a good sign. He may not have been eating b/c of the filter current. Spike's side of the tank has a little current on top, and I have to make sure I put his food right in front of his face. And willow always jerks around as soon as the pellets hit the surface, andshe is currently in a tank with no filter-- medicating her. It is like she can feel the pellets hit the surface. Maybe with the filter he just couldn't feel the food enter the water.


Ahh, c'mon you guys, it was me acting like a mosquito that did it...LOL

Actually, I now believe it was the filter. I left it turned off and watched him and he was swimming all over the place. I thought it might be a fluke, so I left it off, had to run some errands, and when I came home, he was at the bottom, under a leaf, but soon came up and swam all around. I did buy a valve thingee - have no idea how to use it, seems it hangs off the back of the tank, so don't know how that will go, but I will enlist hubby to fix that up.

So, I just did a 50% water change, added some AmQuel + and Vita Chem, set his tank beside neptune, and they were checking each other out . no flaring, but the fact that Storm was interested is enough. He is back in his quiet spot now so I think I will just run the filter a little ea day.

My best thought is to order another 3 gallon from F&S to use as a @Q tank..............

Also, I checked out Walmart - the NEW shipment of fish - unbelievably icky yucky dirty cups..........they just got here yesterday - imagine by next Wed!!! So sad! >

I will keep you posted on his progress........Val


What size tank is he in? A 5 gallon tank with a Tetra Whisper 3I filter shouldn't have any current. I have that in two of my tanks and it's VERY calm and quiet. Maybe a set up like that would be good for him. A 5 gallon glass tank costs only about $9 or $10 and the filter is about $12. Then there's a heater which you may already have.
A 3 gallon Eclipse tank is far more expensive and the filter would still be too strong for him if he is that sensitive, plus IMO 3 gallons is kinda small. I'd go for a 5 gallon with a nice calm filter.
I'm glad he's swimming around more. Hopefully he'll be zooming around like crazy soon! 


I'm so glad Storm is coming around. I figured he would soon. Just keep doing what your doing Storm and you'll have happy life. Natalie


HI Phlox...Storm is in the 1.66g hex Q tank with an undergravel filter and airstone in the tube thing.  We only have Walmart here, and they don't have a good selection of tanks.  I bought it to treat Neptunes fin rot, and Neptune hated was so small.   Ya know, it cost me $ you believe it..but I wanted something in a hurry..however I now know if I order from F&S on a Sunday evening, I will have it  Monday or Tuesday! But I thought it was good for Storm when I got him and he was so sick.  It serves it purpose for a Q, but I would never keep anything in that permanently. And I really like th horizontal tanks better than the hex tanks - personal choice, I guess.

Well, I might just order a 5 gallon from F&S and use the 3 gallon ( this only cost $34 USD from F&S-  with the filter/hood already in it) for the Q tank, when Neptune is back in his 6...whew.

Do you think I should do another round of Maracyn Plus for Storm?  Or just clean, warm water with VitaChem and Amquel??


We're very glad to hear of Storm making some progress. We're as crazy as you I guess, cause we relate. I'd try letting him be med free and see how he does with clean water and vitachem, keeping the maracyn+ on hand just in case.


I am using the whisper 3I filter (I got it and the replacement filters at walmart) in Cujo's hospital tank, 2.5 gallons with only 2 gallons of water, and Cujo is loving it. I attached the gang valve and the water fall is very gentle after I adjusted it. He has a massive bubble nest going on the opposite side of the tank. This little filter seems to be just fine, whereas the Azoo nano filter was making a very strong current in there because the little waterfall had to fall so far and no airline to use a gang valve with.

I moved the nano filter to the 1 gallon tank with Romeo, and that is perfect for him. It doesn't take up any room at all, and I used some filter material to make the waterfall slow. I had to put some net over the intake so he doesn't get sucked up, tho. Everyone's happy with their tiny filters in their tiny tanks lol

It is so cool that there are so many options for these small tanks. And anything is better than where they came from, for sure.


Jendayi, you are right there are a lot of options.

I personally really like the Eclipse tanks with the bio wheel since they have very little water movement and everything is inside the tank except the cords. they are practically silent . I just have to think of a way to make the eclipse sound like it is the best option - actually considering the price versus what I pay at Walmart it is the best deal.

And as much as I am bonding with this little guy, especially now that he is showing signs of progress, I do not want to be changing the water every day! I could cycle the two 3's for sure..or another 6 g...LOL

So here's a a toast to crazy fish people, I love us all! ;D


The eclipse 5 gallon hex tank is sold at walmart, just with a different name on it and an incandescent light rather than a fluorescent one. US$29.99. Opening up a box for the eclipse one at petco and the one at wally-world, they seem pretty much identical.

The world's full of crazy people of all kinds, so it's good to be crazy for good things like these wonderful fish. we've got 7 tanks now and i'm thinking about another 2 2.5g minibow tanks so we can have more q/h tanks for new fish and/or for nursing sick rescue bettas to health, so I know the siren's song of MTS also.


The eclipse 5 gallon hex tank is sold at walmart, just with a different name on it and an incandescent light rather than a fluorescent one. US$29.99. Opening up a box for the eclipse one at petco and the one at wally-world, they seem pretty much identical.

I think I know the one you mean, however at our Walmart it is $54, ( plus 15% tax) and the filter hangs off the back of the tank. Isn't that a crazy price difference?? I sat with the F&S catalogue this morning, man, doesn't take long to make an order grow, does it? I am trying to think ahead for meds etc I might need in the future..somehow a larger order seems to rationalize the shipping cost - what's that about???

Storm did eat again this morning, pellets, but I left the light and filter off last night. The water had really cooled this morning, so the light is back on . I have to do something to remedy that, I believe that heat fluctuation can't be good. He seems to like warm water, filter off......well, we'll get the gang valve put on today if we can figure out how, no instructions, of course - it has three valves, three places in front to hook tubing to and one place at ea end?? Huh?? Must be a way to use just one.

He swims around more I noticed when conditions are as he dictates --- little turd..LOL. Sometimes when he is on the bottom resting/sleeping, he seems to be at a bit of a tip...I want to believe it's cuz his dorsal fin is too heavy....hope it is nothing else sickness wise.


I have dozens of bookmarked products at the DFS site.. they could have us homeless and starving to death. The shipping is genius I think.. they really do encourage BIG orders that way.

Let's see if I can help you blind with the gang valve.. an air hose will go from the pump to the gang valve on the end with 2 places, then another hose from the gang valve on the other side to the airstone.. there should be something to turn to adjust the air flow.

With the heat issue, i'd leave the light and filter on all the time.. use a cave or towel on the tank (with room for air to get in/out) to give him a dark spot to sleep.


Thanks hubby saw me sitting with scissors - which is always scary - and got it fixed. So the air is pretty low now, and the light is on.

We watched Storm wiggle himself onto the suction cup that holds the thermometer - close to the surface, he did several swim bys and missed and then just got himself right in there. Hubby says " I think he does that cuz he likes the warm" to which I say " well I shouldn't leave the light on all the time( fingers crossed)" To which he says.." Well the sooner you can get him into a bigger tank the better". ;D BINGO!!

So looks like I will send yet another F&S order......( cuz he kinda said I should, right??) LOLOLOLROFLMAO

Do ya think that leaning over and sitting on the suction is a bad thing?? Referring to Storm, not to me...


Do ya think that leaning over and sitting on the suction is a bad thing?? Referring to Storm, not to me...

I'm glad you refer to storm.. for you, it probably wouldn't be too healthy to do that. I think he's ok doing that. i've seen our bettas scoot into that spot behind the heater over the suction cup.

congrats on getting another DFS order.. make sure to take advantage of the shipping rates.


Ya, and watching that little sign" You can add $35 more without increasing your shipping charges" LOL ( So I do )


Do ya think that leaning over and sitting on the suction is a bad thing?? Referring to Storm, not to me...

Oh my goodness that gave me the best laugh I have had all day! No it will not hurt Storm at all, just keep him warm; but it would not be good for you at all.

Congratulations on the decision your husband made to help Storm find a new tank. I would recommend another tank other than the Hex unless you are really convinced you really want one. I do love them but they do not have a lot of surface room and now that I have the larger tanks I find that they swim more with the rectangular tanks that are maybe not so deep.

I am glad that Storm is doing better. It sounds like he knows how to handle you already. I had one who would not swim if he saw me watching...then he was "sick little fishie", but when I was not watching he swam around like "crazy racer fishie". So I got a mirror on my desk and watched him in the mirror and he couldn't see me watching and it was so funny what he could do when I was not seen to be paying attention. They are usually attention sponges and if he finds out that being sick gets him attention he will stay "sick" as long as he can.



Rose, I am happy to make you laugh....thanks for the reply! I placed an order to F&S today, and hopefully it will come as quickly as the last one. I ordered another Eclipse tank..I really like the horizontal ones as well,for more swimming area, and that is what I got..and I like that they have the filter, etc all inside. I also ordered another stealth heater ; some NovAqua; some daphnia; more Vita Chem and a couple of plants, and a new bridge for Storm's new tank. So he will be all set and I can hardly wait to get him into it. Oh ya, and one of those root things with all the swimming holes from Pestmart..can't recall if it was Phlox, cherry Rose or who has one in a tank...they look neat. So Storm will be able to hide and explore and build up those muscles!!

He has started to recognize that when the top comes off the aquarium, food will appear. He really likes pellets, and to day I tried bloodworms, which he took in, spit out, circled a bit them came back for, and snarfed down when it was softer. He hasn't taken a pea yet, but I will keep trying. I am leaving the light on at night to keep the temp an even 78 degrees ....he lays under a leaf, but I don't think he likes the light all the time.....just a few more days. And he sees his reflection in the corners of the hex and flares like crazy - hate to say it, but he looks like a pumpkin when he flares - however, I try to turn away to laugh so that his precious, healing ego remains intact.LOL

Sometimes he still lays at a funny angle that worries me, but I am going to concentrate on his progress and how exciting that is. I did start him on another round of Maracy Plus, Vita Chem every day, and clean, warm water. Once he is done this round, he will be into his new tank, so then I will keep him off meds.

And you are right about them moving when you are not watching....he sits at a tippy angle and gets me all worried, but when we are sitting at the kitchen table, we watch him moving all over the place - he doesn't do the "Neptune Boogie" quite yet...but we are being optimistic.....LOL

Hopefully Neptune will be back into his cycled 6 gallon within the week and it will fall into place!! Thanks again for the advice re daphnia & daily VitaChem. Val


LOL.. I love that sneaky Betta playing 'sick little fishie'.. they're such clever little stinkers!

I think you're doing a great job with your bettas val and maybe neptune's learning how to milk a little extra attention - a good thing. He's improving and will be better soon enough.

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