Call Me Crazy, But.....

  1. KevInLA

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    So Im currently cycling a 60 gallon tank and wanted to TRY and do a community tank. Being as how this is my first tank, EVERYTHING im looking at I want to put in, haha. Im aware certain types of crayfish will kill anything they get their claws on, but id really like to try and get something that isnt a fish in the tank. Id like an active tank. With my fish stocking, Im thinking of something along these lines:

    1-2 dwarf cichlid species (bolivian ram, kribs, or apistos) - likely about 4-6 total (1m/2f each)
    1 Pleco
    8-10+ Tetras
    1-2 Killifish or Rainbowfish
    Bottom dwellers is where Im a bit stuck. I want to have the scavenger-type to help keep it up. Im using a black sand substrate. My initial idea was a school of 6-8 cories, but then came across a blue lobster at my lfs, and it got me thinking of other bottm dwelling scavengers I should consider.

    The other option I was considering was an electric blue jack dempsey and a pleco with an electric blue lobster but not sure if itll work.

    Can anyone offer some ideas or suggestions based on what ive had in mind? Thanks!!
  2. BottomDweller

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    Rainbow fish and some killifish are schooling so they should be kept in groups of 6+

    Snails and larger shrimp would work

    How about
    2 bolivian rams
    1 BN pleco
    10-12 neon tetras or skirt tetras
    8-10 Australian rainbowfish
    10-12 panda cories
    10 Amano shrimp
    2 nerite snails
    3 mystery snails

    2 GBR
    1 Clown pleco
    10-12 Cardinal tetras
    8 Boesemani rainbows
    10-12 Bronze/albino cories or kuhli loaches
    10 amano shrimp
    3 nerite snails
    2 mystery snails
    2 rabbit snails

    THE HABITAT Well Known Member Member

    I don't know all the stock limiting and compatibility questions...Yet... But i will tell you getting Amano shrimp will keep you entertained...and their great cleaners...