Calculate a dosage rate? :s How Do I

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    fishlee Valued Member Member

    So im adding levamissole. I just read a long article/paper on its uses in the fish keeping hobby probably the most indepth article i have found on its uses, chemistry and all but the dosage rate it stated was 2mg/l (2ppm) but this was pure powder form. I have 8% concentrate. So 80mg/ml. How much do i add per liter of tank water? I cant do the math. I got 25ml/l to get 2mg/l (2ppm) which seems OTT since i have used it in the past with results at 1.25ml per 30l tank water. Any advice?
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    fishlee Valued Member Member

    I just read the dose part again and its not 2mg/l........ I have no idea what it is. I dont understand at all :banghead:
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    Teishokue Well Known Member Member

    .885ml should be sufficient for a 30l