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Discussion in 'Snails' started by Valentina544, Jan 12, 2019.

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    hey guys so I have a calcium question, I have quite a few mystery snails in my tank 1 adult and a lot of babies. The adults shell is terrible. Super brittle looking, and thin. The babies look fine for now. But I need to know how can I put calcium for them to get to help strengthen their shells without hurting my other fish? Feeding blanched veggies is not an option, I have tried that and they ignore them and then they just add to my parameter. I read the fluval has a calcium additive, but it says saltwater on it, would adding is help? Or is it strictly for saltwater? What other things ca I do? TYIA
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    Drop a tums in every few days. I've heard they prefer strawberry, but my snails don't mind peppermint at all.
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    API Marine Calcium is what I use. You can get it at Petsmart. A cap full a day did wonders for my mystery snail's and Nerite snail's shells. I also keep pieces of cuttlebone in all my tanks, because I keep shrimp and/or snails in all of my tanks. I just let it dissolve over time but I don't think it works as well as the liquid calcium.
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    If I use The liquid calcium 1x a week will it hurt my other fish?
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    I was using a cap full a day for the first few day's, then every other day for a week or 2.. And then after that only once a week, or with every water change, just for maintenance.. Like I said before, I noticed improvements almost immediately. All my tanks are fresshwater community fish tanks and hasn't hurt them one bit. The liquid calcium by API is both for salt water and fresh water.
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    i use a cuttlebone from the petstore. You can find it in the bird section. It works great
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    I also use and have cuttlebone in my tanks. The only problem is that you have to break it up into chunks and float it for day's until it absorbs enough water to sink to the bottom. And some people just stick it in their HOB. Then it has to dissolve into the water column. And it takes a looooong time to dissolve. So although I think it's great for nano tanks, I don't think it's effective in anything larger than a 10 gallon. The liquid calcium IMHO is the next best thing to feeding them calcium directly.
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    I've heard of people grinding up egg shells (after thoroughly rinsing them) and either putting them in the tank or in a mesh bag in the filter. As they dissolve, they release calcium. I haven't done this personally, though.
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    yeah? i actually just bury it in my gravel and it does the trick. Of course with the liquid is faster but everytime you do water changes you need to add it to the tank no? with the cuttlebones i just put them in the tank and forget about it.
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    What’s your Gh?
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    Right.... The difference really is in their "effectiveness". As for water changes, they remove whatever calcium the cuttlebone has already dissolved into your water. And it takes a really long time for the cuttlebone to dissolve enough to replace or add it back. Especially in larger tanks. So IMHO if you're doing weekly or massive water changes then the cuttlebone really isn't able to "keep up" with delivering or maintaining sufficient calcium levels. That's where the liquid calcium makes all the difference..

    Like I said, I also have cuttlebone in my tanks. I break mine into small pieces and let them dissolve. The pieces I added 6 months ago are still around, because it takes that long for it to completely dissolve.
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    Awesome thank you, I bought the api one!