Cabomba as a floating plant?

  1. MokAquariums

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    Does anyone have any experience floating cabomba? I recently bought a bunch and I have some floating and some planted. The planted groups have a lot of growth but I can't really tell for the floating.
    On a side note: how long does it take wisteria to adapt to a floating state and start growing roots. Currently the plant I floated looks like a wrangled mess with no roots coming from the stem. There are new leaves but they look terrible!
    I use root tabs, dose CO2 once a day and dose liquid ferts once a week. My lights are on for 16 hours a day!
  2. Coradee

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    Bumping this up for you
  3. G

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    I float my cabomba u til they develop little white roots and stick them into the substrate then. They are growing well but uproot quite easily. I read alot about them and someone said it perfectly: "they're not hard BUT they're not easy. They love alot of light