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Discussion in 'Plant CO2' started by colourblonde, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. colourblondeValued MemberMember

    I recently bought a c02 kit for my tank but was shocked that I had a c02 dump within 24 hours of setting it up.
    I tried to save money and bought a cheap unit made in China. The company was called Ista.
    Luckily, I bought it from my local fish store and they gave me a full refund.

    However, over the last 4 days, I've had 2 Gouramis, 1 blood fin tetra and 2 mickey mouse platys die.

    Is it possible that the c02 dump is responsible for this? I can't say for sure that the entire tank went into my aquarium but if it did, would that kill my fish?

    I'm not looking to point fingers at any company. I just want to know if anyone can give me some insight about what might have happened.

    I've since purchased a regulator/bubble counter/diffusor from Green Leaf Aquariums. I should have done more research prior to buying bad quality equipment. They seem to be good quality.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    Definitely. Too much CO2 can very easily kill fish - it wouldn't require the whole tank to do it. It's tempting to go cheap on a CO2 setup, but this the main reason why you shouldn't.

    Just to double check, what are your water parameters (pH, temp, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates)?
  3. colourblondeValued MemberMember

    My PH actually went lower. It was 7.2 but afterwards was 6.6-6.8. All the other parameters were good. Actually the nitrates dropped from 40ppm to 20ppm but I suspect that has more to do with my plants than anything to do with the c02 issue.
  4. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    CO2 will cause a drop in pH according to the tests, but that shouldn't hurt the fish.
  5. colourblondeValued MemberMember

    The temperature is pretty constant. 25 C +- .2 degrees
  6. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    Can you list your other parameters?
  7. colourblondeValued MemberMember

    Well this makes me feel terrible. I should've investigated more before I bought something cheap. It hurts me to know that I did something to harm my fish.

    Ammonia was 0. Nitrites were 0. Nitrates were 20 ppm. My GH was about 107 ppm. My KH was about 125. I got the GH and KH numbers from an API test kit.
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  8. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    I'd be inclined to blame the CO2 dump then. It's easily possible and we can rule out water quality.
  9. colourblondeValued MemberMember

    Thank you for your quick reply.
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  10. -Mak-Fishlore VIPMember

    Do you have a drop checker? They'll allow you to monitor your CO2 levels to an accurate-ish degree.
  11. DuaneVWell Known MemberMember

    Too much co2 will kill your fish for sure. It builds up in their bloodstream and they cant break it down quick enough naturally, so in essence they suffocate.
  12. Lynn78tooWell Known MemberMember

    I know absolutely nothing about CO2 pumps (it's why I'm on here) but don't fish need O2 to survive and then when they exhale they by-product is CO2? In nature enough CO2 is produced by fish and microorganisms that there isn't a problem with plants growing but in our tanks where it's a closed ecosystem they don't have access to them.
    I'm looking into getting a CO2 pump but I'd like to know the exact reason why!
    Sorry, did I just hijack your thread?
  13. anirocWell Known MemberMember

    I had some experience with CO2 overdose; few dumps and one continue injecting over 5 days. None of my fish died because of that.
    Quite a few people reported dead fish after CO2 overdose and it's not because of the low pH but because fish cannot expel their own CO2 into an already saturated CO2 solution.