C.trilineatus (False julii cory, Three lined Cory)


Leopard Cory
(Corydoras trillneatus)

Common names:
Leopard cory, False julii cory, Three lined Cory.
Size: 5.5cm
pH: 5.8 – 7.2
Tempº: 22ºC - 26ºC (71 F - 78 F)
Tank region: Bottom layer
Origin: Peru
Gender: Females are more fuller bodies, especially when viewed from the top.
Notes: Many people own Leopard corys without knowing it. They are often mislabeled as the rare JuliI cory, and indeed to an unpracticed eye they are almost identical. However, the Leopard cory’s spots are joined up whereas the JuliI has a lot of un joined spots. They are simple to care for: they need to be in groups of at least 3 (preferably 6 for most activity and happier fish), need a well maintained tank, and need to be fed special bottom feeder pellets. They are very peaceful and will fit right in with the average peaceful community! They are not very suitable for keeping with Loaches, as they will be easily outcompeted by the larger fishes.

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