Buying Lava Rock

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by BaseballMom, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. BaseballMomValued MemberMember

    Anyone know the cheapest place to buy lava rock from the internet
  2. Garrett MichaelNew MemberMember

    Home Depot has many great selections with variances in color,size,and texture.

  3. Mr. KgnaoValued MemberMember

    I know this is going to sound terribly barbaric, but the best option when you're buying anything large and heavy, is almost always going to be picking it up yourself from a tangible retailer, one that actually exists irl. Shipping a bag of rocks-cross country via the post doesn't make sense logistically.

    If there's some reason you can't buy the rocks yourself in person, I apologize for being so insensitive, but if I were in that situation, I would definitely try to find someone who would be willing to do me a solid. It's a hard sell, paying 30 bucks for shipping and assuring the eternal ire of your postal carrier.
  4. BaseballMomValued MemberMember

    @@ I feel like an idiot. Never gave a thought to home depot---guess it makes sense since I've never bought rocks before LOL I was not happy with the lFS that wants 15-20 per piece so I was going to be obstinate and buy offline and put the money to shipping out of spite LOL

    LOL I was being spiteful TBH. LFS is charging 15-20 a piece in the aquarium section. I'd rather buy offline and pay shipping. Someone else suggested home depot though so I'll do that instead.
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  5. Mr. KgnaoValued MemberMember

    I don't know what your LFS is offering, but if it's those large 'carved' pieces, that's probably not what you're going to get from Home Depot, they carry smaller bits to be used for barbecue pits and what-not.
  6. BaseballMomValued MemberMember

    HMMM yeah I was looking for a myriad of sizes. I've never scaped before so I don't know what all I want. I do know I need some smaller pieces to hold my java ferns down LOL
  7. Mr. KgnaoValued MemberMember

    You get a pretty decent selection of sizes ranging from pea sized to maybe a small lemon, but there aren't any melon sized pieces that you could just drop in the tank and call a centerpiece. Strange, I feel a sudden urge to eat a salad.
  8. DuaneVWell Known MemberMember

    Home Depot, Lowes or ANY hardware store should sell it in the grilling department and it'll be BY FAR the cheapest youll find it. A 10lb bag will run about $15 bucks.
  9. SarahMcGeeValued MemberMember

    Search for landscaping companies or like rock quarries in your area and you might just get lucky and find someone selling large lava rock chunks cheaper.
  10. PheonixKingZWell Known MemberMember

    Rock quarries mite even give you one for free!! Lava rock is usually used as decorations outside, so they might strike you a cheap deal for a few. You might go outside and even find one of your own!!:):) If you live in an apartment, you could ask the owner, and see if you can take a few from there rock garden. Lol, I’ve actually never lived in an apartment!!!