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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Quentin, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. Quentin Valued Member Member

    So, I am currently in the process of trying to convince my dad to let me get a little 10 gal tank for my nightstand for a Betta. I was wondering where the best place to buy a Betta is ( that isn’t too expensive) and what all of these crazy types are. If it helps I prefer ones that have shorter fins (not color just like body type and fin type if that makes sense). I didn’t know there were so many types lol

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  2. kallililly1973 Well Known Member Member

    Basically every pet store has an abundance of bettas just need to look around the poor little cups they have to sit in and find an active or should I say active as they can be in a cup of water and one that catches your eye and rescue it to your 10 gallon be sure your tank is cycled before adding anything or you run the risk of losing the fish quickly.. good luck!!

  3. SM1199 Well Known Member Member

    The ones with short fins are called plakats. Unfortunately, people who don't know much about bettas usually prefer the long-finned ones, and thus pet stores typically offer only long-finned bettas. I have yet to see any Petsmart sell plakats, but Petco often has plakats (koi and dragonscale are the most common plakats there, I've noticed). They also sell King bettas, which are short-finned, and they're essentially bettas that are larger than normal. You could definitely keep a King in a 10 gallon, even though they're bigger. Petco prices can get up to $20 per fish, but I can't remember how much the plakats or Kings sell for. Local fish stores (not chains) are a bit more likely to carry plakats, because they usually order from nearby breeders instead of mass suppliers. I would say visit your local fish stores first, if you have any, and if you don't find what you like, try Petco. Good luck!

  4. Guanchy Well Known Member Member

    I would recommend you look into your local fish store if you want to buy a plakat bettas! most chain stores have long finned ones. What do you mean by a "little 10g tank" a regular 10g or a nano 10g tank?

  5. upinak Valued Member Member

    Go with female bettas. They have short tails and you can have more than one at a time in an aquarium. Males... not so much.

  6. SM1199 Well Known Member Member

    Just because you can doesn't always mean you should. Sororities are notorious for collapsing a few months in even when the tank is large and heavily planted, and usually at least half of the girls will end up dead. Many people on this site can testify from personal experience that this is the most likely outcome. I do agree that females are great, though. My female has a lot of personality and is a lot more active without giant fins to drag her down.
  7. upinak Valued Member Member

    I guess it depends on how many. I have 5 now. All are doing great and a few enjoy playing with the tetras. I am also very observant of my girls. One has a serious bladder issue, which I may have to cull and I am not happy about it, but the rest are doing very well. Very planted tank. Happy Fish everywhere.
  8. Guanchy Well Known Member Member

    sorry i will not recommend this. Females are aggressive just like males are, you can keep more than one female in what they called sorority but if you have no experience with bettas at all i will never recommend doing this. Plus a 10g is not enough space to keep a female sorority
  9. upinak Valued Member Member

    Everyone needs to learn. Not all females are aggressive. Buying them young as fry can help as they are better use to being around others. Just because you read about it on here, doesn't mean others don't have success. I am not saying all of my fish are great, but learning on my own what the needs are in certain aquariums and asking questions is the way to go.
  10. Guanchy Well Known Member Member

    Asking questions is the way to go, i dont think you need to learn at the risk of the fish tho. And again i dont think a female sorority for someone that has never owned a betta is the way to go. But thats just me
  11. Quentin Valued Member Member

    lol my main tank is a 35 so it’s small to me
  12. Guanchy Well Known Member Member

    oh no lol i asked to know what type of 10g you were looking to get lol, i have two 10g one regular and one nano, they look totally different.
  13. Quentin Valued Member Member


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  14. Guanchy Well Known Member Member

    Nice, regular 10g. You can even do a divided tank and keep two males one on each side
  15. upinak Valued Member Member

    While he says this, I don't recommend it.

    I had a divided tank with two males. One got lose and killed the other. The one that survived is still recovering as he has no tail, and probably won't for six months. Both bettas weren't cheap either, and I have had bettas for a while. Someone recommended doing a 10 gallon divided.

    If you do, make sure that they can't get over the divide and they can jump! So word of warning.
  16. WinterSoldier. Well Known Member Member

    Well, I would get one from a petstore. There are millions of little bettas that are sitting in disgusting cups of water who would love to have a home in a nice roomy 10 gallon. Petco has plakats, and petsmart has koi, and That pet place has all kinds of plakats. You could also get a female. Females can have amazing colorations, if you got a female you could probably keep a few other kinds of fish with her, like corys, or maybe some other kind of small bottom feeder
  17. Quentin Valued Member Member

    Do they sell baby Betta’s anywhere? I feel like it’d be a ton of fun to watch one grow
  18. PheonixKingZ Well Known Member Member

    Baby’s are usually much harder to care for than adults!!;)
  19. upinak Valued Member Member

    You can get them at petco usually. They are fun to watch grow up.
  20. PheonixKingZ Well Known Member Member

    You would need grime shrimp, or any really small betta fish food, and you would need a sponge filter. I have never cared for one, therefore have no experience with baby betta fish, good luck!!;)