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Busy weekend

  1. n

    not4you Valued Member Member

    I had a pretty busy fish weekend!

    Friday night I got a 55 gallon tank from my uncle.

    Saturday afternoon I cleaned the 55 (it was <b>filthy!!!</b>) and filled it up that night.

    Sunday, I didn't do much due to plans with some friends but I did plan out the next day.

    Monday, I got a late start from sleeping so late ;). First, I moved everything (fish, filter, decorations) from my 20 gal to a 10 gal I set up a few days ago. Then I finally ripped out the UGF from my 20 gal!!! Before that I filled a bunch of pantyhose with gravel from the 20 and planted them in the 10 and the 55. Next, new gravel went into the 20 and filled it with water. Then I transfered back the filter, decorations and fish and everything looks great!

    I'm currently cycling the 55 and 10 fishless style. I can't wait till they are ready!!!
  2. G

    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Woo Hoo! 

    GO not4you!  GO not4you!  GO not4you!
  3. E

    EmpPleco Well Known Member Member

    Well Good Luck with everything!!!!
  4. OP

    not4you Valued Member Member

    Well everything in the 20 gal is right on target (0/0/10 7.3) 8)

    I added ammonia to my 55 and 10 last night and ended up with a 7.5 ppm in the 10 gal. and a 6 ppm in the 55 gal. From what I've read you want to shoot for about 5 ppm and maintain this until you see nitrites then cut the dose in half. Should I do PWC on each tank to bring them down closer to 5 ppm or will it be fine at the current levels?