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  1. Courtney-94 Initiate Member


    Really need some help with this 1 of the 3 bettas. He arrived today was in rancid water with very little air in the bag, he arrived with a small bump near his tail (photo provided) is gone down in size slightly after being in clean water; hes eaten. but its kinda hairy/fuzzy looking now (lights are off to let him settle in.)
    My very first imported betta died to a similar looking bump on his head which turned tumor so Im worried about this little guy too. ofc keeping water parameters optimal and temp is consistent 27.

    is there anything additional I can do that might help him?

    on-hand I have Melafix and Multi Cure, was wondering if multi cure was a way to go due to the fuzziness of the bump now and if that would be considered fungal? but i dont like jumping straight into meds without advice, normally advice from here has always been great. first time ive caught this early enough i hope :S

    any advice would be greatly appreciated :')

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  2. AZrodeo92 Well Known Member Member

    You will get screamed at 10-ways- to Sunday if you use melafix with bettas

    I think fastest route is maybe a little dangerous, but you can add .5 tsp peroxide per every 5 physical gallons of water and it's a cure all and evaporates to distilled water in 2 hours. What I mean by physical gallons is that a 10gallon tank probably only has 7-8 actual gallons of water on it

  3. Courtney-94 Initiate Member

    oh fair enough; not sure if you can see earlier posts but I was recommended it for a Betta i rescued (really long story and is why i have an account here) so thats just something i had on hand. wasnt planning on using it :)
    (that little guy got alot better btw and is rehomed now)

    on your other note my hospital tank i could do that in would be my 7.6gallon doesnt have activated carbon. would you get peroxide at a local aquarium place or where would you usually find that?

    he turned at a perfect time to see the "fuzzy/hairs" coming off of it

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  4. johnbetta Member Member

    i would give him a bath in mathaine blue for 3 seconds then put in tank with wartleys fungus aid and feed with live adult brine shrimp or live blood worms dipped in carlic juice to boost his recovery works rather well

  5. Courtney-94 Initiate Member

    so Multi cure has Methylene Blue if thats what you meant and all i could find wardley fungus-ade which i would have a tough time getting. I can get live bloodworms on short notice. mainly have frozen bloodworms and atisons betta pro palettes. which hes eaten both
  6. AZrodeo92 Well Known Member Member

    Nope just regular
    Peroxide from walmart. Not the extra strength
  7. johnbetta Member Member

    thats what i was meaning and frozen blood worm dipped in garlic juice will do the trick to

  8. Courtney-94 Initiate Member

    gave him a dip in diluted (as per intruction) multicure; unfortunatly cant seem to find anyone that stocks wardley fungus-ade (on Gold coast- australia btw) and will go pick up some garlic juice today :)
  9. johnbetta Member Member

    courtney94 go to browns plains and go to the age of aquariums and get some i shop there send me a privet message on here and i will send you there phone number and adress for the shop cheers john