Bumblebee Cichlid


Bought one today, as a juvenile measuring maybe 1.5 inches. At petsmart where I bought him theyve told me hes one of teh more docile species of cichlid and can coexist with my angels due to my slightly elevated (8.1) ph levels. I have a platinum sailfin molly, dwarf gourami, 2 angels, 1 pleco, 1 snail, and 1 diamon barb in there too

This is the first day and nothing seems out of whack other than him chasing my molly around. My molly is extremely energetic and there's no nips on his fins so I'm unsure if theyre playing or not. When I look up info on bumblebees I get very mixed results on whether theyre passive or aggressive, and have yet to find anything that states theyre inbetween so I'm inclined to believe its personality based. The lady at petsmart said theyre named bumblebee due to coloration and docile nature.

I have a 14 day time limit to return him if it doesn't work out. Hes extremely pretty, and id like to keep him. Thoughts?

jacob thompson

I don’t have personal experience with these fish but have heard the same thing that some are more docile and some become extremely aggressive once they hit maturity. It’s mainly a decision in your part if you want to take the risk. But I personally don’t mix Africans and South Americans because they thrive in very different ph ranges. Africans 8.2 SA 7.0


What size tank?


Whoever told you that Bumblebees (Pseudotropheus crabro) are docile is absolutely ignorant, or a bald faced liar. This is one of the most aggressive Mbuna, not to mention potentially one of the largest, reaching 8 inches. Also, if it turns out to be a "he", it will get very dark, almost completely black, and as a male it will be extremely aggressive.

A lot of fish are not too bad as babies, but this species will grow quickly and become a terror. Take it back, and if you get the same clerk, DON'T LISTEN TO HER AGAIN. Ever.

Also, as noted, the Malawian Cichlid is not compatible with water conditions for the rest of your fish.
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Well at least I can return it and get something else. They have blue acaras, and ik those wll go with my fish

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