Bumblebee catfish scare!

  1. annaberg1067

    annaberg1067 Valued Member Member

    Ok so I was cleaning out my 45 gallon tank and I have some fish in it, including a bumblebee catfish. When I clean out my tank, I take out all the plastic plants and decor and soak it in warm water to clean it. So I was taking out this pot that I totally forgot my catfish likes to hide in it 24/7. So I went to put the pot in the bathtub and suddenly this catfish comes spazzing out of nowhere. It scared the out of me! Luckily, he had not been without water for too long, the water wasn't too hot yet, and he was not in the clorine for too long and is currenty doing fine.
  2. Aquaphobia

    Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Yikes! I'd have been freaked out, too!