Bumblebee Cat Burn/Sore?


Seems like my bumblebee cat has some sort of sore, and I suspect it may be from wedging himself between the heater and the glass. I’ve seen him there on several occasions so that was my best assumption. No fish pick on him or anything and there’s no sign of fungus or infection of sorts, just wanted a second opinion. Added a little salt to the tank to heal faster and did a water change to keep everything clean. Anyone experienced a heater burn? Or does it look like something more serious? Sorry for the awful photos, he’s a feisty little guy and wouldn’t stop moving!


I'm assuming the area you're talking about is the red on his side. To me it looks like a heater burn, but I'm not super sure... I would move the heater so that it's horizontal instead of vertical so he doesn't have as much of a chance of wedging himself behind it.
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