Bullies and glass surfing part 2

  1. blakeugan Well Known Member Member

    Backstory. I have really mean tiger barbs. I got 3 corys recently and they wouldn't stop glass surfing because every time they went to the floor, the tiger barbs would nip their tails. Just got 3 more today, I thought the schooling behavior would scale down aggression. Instead, all six corys are glass surfing.
    20 gallon long
    Edit: the tiger barbs don't school so they don't nip each other. Only the corys and the occasional (very rare) nip on my DG
  2. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Your tiger barbs aren't really mean. They'd likely be less bullyish in a larger tank with more barbs. They'd pick on each other and less often on other fish if they were in a larger school and a larger tank.

    And the cories should settle down in a few days.
  3. blakeugan Well Known Member Member

    Well the other corys were like that since I got them 4 days ago. These are now following their example. Still, thanks!

    How long before the barbs establish a pecking order? My dad just told me he doesn't like the way my tank looks with the corys up front. I don't know what to do. It's not that they are stressed, they keep getting nipped whenever they stop to rest on the floor. They're gonna get worked to death.
  4. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Can you upgrade to a 29 gal? Same stand, lid, etc., you might just need to add a second heater or filter (both of which you can do cheaply).
  5. blakeugan Well Known Member Member

    No way would my parents let me do that. I've tried.
  6. Daniel W Member Member

    . That is a very... harsh comparison? It makes the barbs seem a lot worse then just fish. If I were you, I would rehome them and get a different fish.
  7. blakeugan Well Known Member Member

    Oh I'm seeing how that sounds now... Whoops. I was thinking about it. I told my dad, and he said I should rehome the corys. He hates the way they look. We like the barbs. You know what I think the problem is? They've taken residence on the bottom, so when the corys go there, they get territorial.[​IMG][​IMG]
  8. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    You could rehome the cories and that would solve the issue.
  9. Daniel W Member Member

    That sucks. A lot. A feel really bad for the corys. By the way, if you do decide to replace the tiger barbs, I would go with rummynoses or either cardinal (or neon) tetras. Don't know a lot about cardinals or neons so I can't gurantee safe results for those two. Rummynoses should be okay.

    Actually, what other fish do you have in your tank? That would help a lot.
  10. blakeugan Well Known Member Member

    6 corys
    8 barbs
    1 dwarf gourami

    Rehomeing the corys won't do anything. The barbs are still aggressive. I love them, but they are butts. I don't think the corys are in pain, they just know that if they get off the glass, the barbs will go for them, so they don't. The barbs have chosen weird territoryon the bottom. Is there a way to change that that doesn't include rearranging everything? What if I grabbed a Tupperware, put the barbs in dechlorinatied water for a few minutes and reintroduced them? How good is their memory?
  11. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    I don't think it'll help unless you change the decor. And rehoming the cories would help, as it would prevent them from being nipped.
  12. blakeugan Well Known Member Member

    AHHH. I'm so angry. At what point do I need to give up on a peaceful resolution? I can't deal with this. I just want the barbs to stay up in the middle and corys stay on the bottom. Is there a way to punish the barbs? Lol
  13. Daniel W Member Member

    I heard there were some stories about punishing guppies and platies... You can probably find some on fishlore. You also might want to start a new thread.
  14. TwoTonedTanker Member Member

    Then how come I've had my Cory for two years, but she has never stopped
  15. blakeugan Well Known Member Member

    I think the problem would be solved if only the tiger barbs would school. They'd take out their anger on each other instead of the Corys. How do I speed up the pecking order?
  16. Daniel W Member Member

    I don't think you can. To be honest, I think the best thing to do would be to remove the tiger barbs and give the corys some rest. Of course I don't know much about tiger barbs so I can be completely wrong.
  17. blakeugan Well Known Member Member

    I'm gonna give it a week. If it still happens, I'll take them back. I have an idea. Petco takes back fish, right? What if I exchanged these barbs for 8 more so that they are the new guys?
  18. Daniel W Member Member

    I honestly don't know. I'm not sure how tiger barb behavior works. And if you are going to wait that long before you return them, try giving the corys some rest. Are they sleeping? Do the tiger barbs chase them away at night or are they asleep? And if you strategy does work, can't you just remove the tiger barbs, change the landscape a bit, and reintroduce them?
  19. Kwig Well Known Member Member

    You could try. But they occupy the middle to bottom parts of the tanks where I work too. Tiger barbs are tiger barbs.
  20. blakeugan Well Known Member Member

    No, at night time they are left alone. I awake in the morning to find some corys resting.