Building Tank Today. Last-minute Advice?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by Georgie Girl, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Georgie GirlValued MemberMember

    I'm putting together my Betta tank. It's five gallons. I have a sponge filter and a thermometer and a tiny heater (I'll make sure it works fine before introducing Boris/Fishy Fish to his home). Since I bought what I guess can be called a rescue fish (he's in sad shape), he needs his tank right away, so I'll be doing a fish-in cycle.

    Any advice you can offer is welcome. I have been reading the beginner articles, too.


  2. DakotablueValued MemberMember

    Fish-in cycling can be pretty stressful to the fish. The little guy really wants a cycled tank.

    But if that isn't an option at all there are lots of resources here and experts too. How are you planning to do the fish-in cycle?
  3. LorekeeperWell Known MemberMember

    If you can, get some Seachem Prime and some Seachem Stability. Those two products got me through my fish-in betta cycle without any hitches.

    Prime is a water conditioner, and will also make ammonia less toxic to your fish. Stability will introduce BB into your tank, so your cycle completes a bit quicker.

    While I'll agree with Dakotablue above, an uncycled 5 gallon will be thousands of times better than his little cup is. I wouldn't wait.

    If you don't have an API test kit, I'd get one ASAP. That'll let you know how your cycle is progressing, and when to do water changes. Ideally, you'll want to do a water change when ammonia or nitrite gets to 1 PPM, or nitrate gets to 20-40 PPM.

    If you can't afford a test kit, I'd recommend dosing Prime daily, and then doing a 30-50% WC every day. That should keep everything at relatively safe levels.

    Finally... don't be afraid to ask questions! So many of us started right where you are now. You'll learn the quickest by just owning your questions and going for it.

    Good luck, and I'll be following!
  4. DakotablueValued MemberMember

    +1 on getting him out of that little cup asap! It always makes me so sad to see em in those. Great advice above from Lorekeeper.

    Good luck and welcome to the forum!
  5. Georgie GirlValued MemberMember

    HEY, MODS!

    I'm embarrassed. Thanks for moving my thread.
  6. Georgie GirlValued MemberMember

    Hi, Dakotablue. I know it can be very stressful, but right now he's in a one-gallon terrarium. Best I could do to get him out of the cup. But I think - and again, I welcome your opinion - that getting him in the tank is better than keeping him in the terrarium.

    As to how I plan to do it? By following the instructions I read here. I've only read through them a couple of times, but I've printed them, and I'm sure I'll refer to them every day. I plan to keep them next to Fishy Fish's tank.
  7. Georgie GirlValued MemberMember

    Thanks for all, Lorekeeper. No worries; I'm a big one for questions.

    I have API Quick Start and Stress Coat. Are they acceptable alternatives? If not, can you tell me while Seachem is better, please? I did get an API test kit. (I remember my college chem teacher: "Chemistry is our friend." Sadly, that's all I remember about chem class. Well, that and the baby-food jar full of mercury in the lab.)
  8. LorekeeperWell Known MemberMember

    API Quick start is similar to stability, and aims to do the same jar. Personally, I've heard better things about TSS+ and Stability, but you can use quick start.

    Stress Coat will NOT do the same thing as Prime. They'll both make tap water safe for fish, but Prime will make ammonia less toxic to your fish during a cycle.
  9. Georgie GirlValued MemberMember

    I'll take your advice then. Hopefully, Tong's Tropical Fish has them - in small bottles. :emoji_fish::emoji_fish::emoji_fish::emoji_fish:

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