Building A Sump Tank For My 75g Freshwater


Hello, building my first sump tank for my 75 gallon freshwater tank.

Just wanted to get some advice/opinions on this.

1) what material is recommended for the dividers. I was thinking plexiglass glass as it's fairly easy to cut.

2) what kind of glue should I be using to fix the dividers in place?

3) bioballs or ceramic rings?

Any info would be appreciated.


Tanks and Plants

1- I think most use regular glass that is cut to size. I could be wrong though.

2- you need to use aquarium safe silicon, there are a few companies that makes silicon for tanks your LFS should carry some.

3- I prefer ceramic rings. From what I have heard and read, Bio balls are made of plastic and the BB don't hold on to smooth surfaces. Ceramic rings are not smooth because they have pores in them for the BB to grow and hold on to.

Good Luck!


Is your tanked going to be heavily planted? CO2 injection?
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