Building a stand?

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  1. StarGirl2New MemberMember

    1. Do you think it would be cheaper to build your own stand than to buy one from a store?
    2. Any tips on how and what materials to use?
    Share your own story! :)
  2. LucyModeratorModerator Member

    Hi StarGirl, while waiting for someone to respond, do a search on the forum.
    There are several threads and links that answer your question. :)
  3. StarGirl2New MemberMember

    Thanks for the tip Lucy!
  4. NutterFishlore VIPMember

    Wood is the easiest material to work with unless you happen to have an oxy set & a welder lying around in your shed.

    I built the stand below out of a single pine bed & a few floorboards. All up it cost me aobut $60 to do the hood & stand then another $60 for the 4 flouro fittings in the hood.

    You might want to consider buying a plain timber stand & just modifying it to your needs. Adding extra shelves & enclosing it into a cabinet style is pretty cheap & easy.

    EDIT: The pics don't want to upload at the moment. I'll try again later.

    2nd EDIT: Got pics to work now. Here they are.

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  5. ilikefishValued MemberMember

    Also It depends on the tank size... I made my own 75 gallon stand for about 60$ (minus stain and polyurethane... I had those in my garage) and another time I made a 10 gallon stand for 25$...

    The bigger you get the cheaper it gets...
    But ya totally doable...
    If you want it to last forever and ever without a stinky treated smell... cedar naturally resists bugs and insects...

    Also don't forget a waterproof clear-coat... you don't want to have the water messing up your stand...
  6. StarGirl2New MemberMember

    Great suggestions, thanks! Awesome recycling Nutter.
    I would be building something for a 55g or a bit smaller, so i'm assuming around 60 bucks give or take? I might just go with the modifying a plain stand for the first try though and see how that goes. And I'll definitely have to remember the waterproofing. Thanks!
  7. ATPWell Known MemberMember

    A little late, but depends on what you use. For example on my 125, I used 2x4as skeleton. I than cover it up with solid poplar as oppose to plywood. Plywood is much cheaper, but solid looks better quality :)

    The dimensions is around 5' long and 22" (I think) wide. Height of stand is 30" and cost is around 800-900. (made with solid wood) Its still cheaper than buying a stand and plus when you buy one, its likely that it will be make out of ply. So this one is cheaper and its made with solid :)

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    Gotta love the fishing poles next to the fish tank. lol
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    lmbo i didnt even notice the fishing poles at first thats hilarious!
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  10. blueiristysonValued MemberMember

    I bougth 6 Cinder Blocks and 4 2x4's cut to 40 inches long. I stacked 3 cinder blocks and the other 3 I stacked about 2 feet from the other. I put the 2x4's from stack to stack and it works perfect. Did this last halloween and have had no problems.Its holds my 40 gallon which weighs around 500 lbs
  11. Jack SchifferNew MemberMember

    I saved about $70.00 building my own tank stand 541/2 " x 18"
    my cost to build this stand was $87.00

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  14. D.GuidryNew MemberMember

    Well i work at a building material store so with my discount and all the free stuff we get i think it will be very cheap for me, but my first will be some what of a proto type nothing even wortyh of posting on the site but if looked over everyone elses and just wow some real craft men ship guys, great work
  15. Fydo44New MemberMember

    My brother and me built a very simple stand but have yet to finish it. My advice would be find somebody in the construction business who can get scrap pieces. Mine was free, minus the freezing weather we had to build it in. 2x4s and plywood. After it is finished it will look nice, but don't have the budget to do so at the moment. Nothing to extoridary but it does what its meant to do. Plenty of room on top and inside. Planing on turning my 30 gal to fuge and the 10 to a basic sump. Plus you can't beat the quality of doing it yourself if you know what your doing.
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