Building a New 10 Gal Betta Tank, What filter should I use?

Kaylene Marie
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Hello!! I'm new to the site as a member, but been trolling the forums for a while to learn more about tank set up && Fishcare, so I figured when I was going to build a new tank this would be the best place to start!

I currently have a 10 gallon tank lightly planted tank, with sand, river rock and fluorite.
I was planning on having it be a filtered tank for one of my male bettas.

However, seeing the last time I had fish was many years ago, I am really at a loss when it comes to filters (At least for smaller tanks).

I'm aware betta like slow moving to still-ish water, and I don't want to upset them so I want to avoid HOB filters (unless you know of one that I can adjust it to a soft flow).

I have been looking at internal filters, and I think I want to go with a corner filter where I can adjust the media, i'm not really sure about sponge filtration, and I want to stay away from active carbon.

I was thinking about this filter: .

There aren't many reviews, but there is one really good one, so i'm leaning towards this seeing that I can change the media to suit my needs.

Any input is greatly appreciated!! <3

I plan on making it a small community tank with one of my less aggressive male bettas (my dad put him in my 60 gal community tank and he really enjoyed it! :| But the filter is no good for him so I took him out and scolded my dad).

Stocking (what I plan give or take):

1- HM double tail betta (male)
2- False JuliI Corydoras (possibly moving them from my larger 60 gal)
6 - Shrimp (I'm not sure if i'm going to have these with the corydoras, I think it will be one or the other)
2 - Ottos (I have 4 in my 60 gal, but they tend to just stay in pairs)

If you have ideas on good stocking please let me know! I want to keep it relatively light, but still supply my boy with some interest.
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Hello and welcome,
What sort of shrimp were you considering? Certain species might be a snack for your betta. If you're looking for a cleanup crew, snails are a good option.
I can't help too much with the filter, though. I don't keep bettas, and I'm not sure which would be the best choice. Internal ones like you linked to are what most betta people use.
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Welcome to Fishlore! I have had about 8 kinds of HOB filters, and out of all of them, I'd say the Marina S10 would be the best one for a 10-gal Betta tank. Here's a link:
Kaylene Marie
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Oh I was thinking ghost shrimp would be a good option, I was thinking cherry shrimp too but they might make themselves too much of a target.

Thank you! I will keep this one in mind, and do more research on it!
I really want to stick with an internal one, but I may use this for a different 10 gal.
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Internal filters are not the best in my opinion. They take up valuable space in an already small tank and are not very efficient at filtering the water.

There are few smaller HOB filters that do well, but if you wanted to avoid HOB's I would suggest a sponge filter. You can get a smaller one and use an air pump to run it. They are very efficient and help to aerate the water. Also, you are keeping plants so that also helps filter the water very good.

They make some dual sponge filters sold on ebay for around $4 including shipping that would be ideal for you. I have the larger version ($6) as some supplemental filtration on my larger tank. They work great and allow you to stagger cleaning so as not to destroy all the beneficial bacteria at once. Here is a link...

As for Betta and shrimp together, it can be hit or miss. Some report good experiences while others say their Betta is a ruthless shrimp killing machine. One thing that is supposed to help is start with the shrimp and let them get established then add the Betta a month or so later. The shrimp should now where to hide and better off to defend themselves.

Cherry shrimp would be a little more risky then ghost shrimp. Ghost shrimp are larger and clear so they are hard to see and hunt, and they can defend themselves a bit easier. Cherry shrimp are much more colorful and interesting to look at but if you provide enough hiding places via plants and décor you should be ok. Lots of smaller leaved or bushy plants help a lot too like java moss, subwassertang, hornwort, etc.

I see you only have a few posts, but once you get to 50 you have access to the for sale forum here on fishlore. I sell some shrimp stuff that would help out like cholla wood tubes. They are a natural wood from the cholla cactus that forms a small tube with holes. This provides shelter for the shrimp. I attach java moss and subwassertang to the tubes to grow into a small bush on top. I also sell hornwort, subwassertang and a few other plants. So get to posting if you are interested, as it's against forum rules for us to do business until you get to 50.

Also, I wrote an article here on fishlore about getting started with freshwater shrimp like cherry shrimp and ghost shrimp. Here is a link....
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I agree with Dolfan thanks for the post.
Kaylene Marie
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Thank you so much Dolfan!
I think I will rethink my ideas of a internal, and go with HOB since it seems to be more reliable.

&& I'll be sure to check out your article on freshwater shrimp!

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