Building a DIY 125 Gallon Rimless Stand


Alright, so I bundled this question into a separate thread but never got any hits on it, so I thought maybe it'd help to make a thread specific to this question.

I bought a rimmed 125 and ended up tearing the tank apart and am currently rebuilding it - the plastic frame was in pieces before I ever touched it, so I decided that I'd eurobrace the tank instead of sourcing a new plastic rim. But that's a separate thing.

The stand that came with the tank looks to be what you might have gotten with an ensemble kit from the late 90's. It's very similar to what we sell at Petsmart, so I assume this was probably bought from a large retailer, although I'm unsure which brand the tank is. That said, this stand is made to work with a rimmed tank, and now that this tank is de-rimmed, I assume it'd be unsuitable for use, right? And from my research, I can't really find a specific answer on what would have to be done in order to modify this stand to be usable for my now rimless tank, or if it'd even be worth the effort. So, unless someone can answer that for me, I guess I've set my mind on simply building a new stand that would be up to par for a rimless aquarium.

I've been kinda studying this guide:

I know I'd probably have to add a relatively thick piece of plywood on top of the stand for weight distribution, as well as some of those soft yoga mats. Is there anything else that would have to be done in order to make this safe?

Any help is welcome! I'm a bit in over my head.


Just make sure there’s nothing on it, uarujoey had a tank explode on him at like 3 am because there was a tiny bit of pressure on the aquarium
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Alright, so I think I've decided on modifying the existing stand, after further research.

It seems like it'd be just fine to add a few supports to each corner of the stand, and then do supports every 2' down the length of the stand. Add a few cross supports across the middle, and a thick piece of plywood with a yoga mat, and it'd be done. In theory.

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