Building a 2400L tank.

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    Looking at a reasonable size tank build.
    2400 litre, cold water, fish only tank. (Native New Zealand ocean fishes)
    Have been dabbling in the idea for a while now and have worked out the design, build, cost and materials.
    Question I'm needing answering is...
    How much is too much?
    I'm looking at having 2400L in my main tank and having dedicated sumps.
    One as a refugium. 1000L
    One as bio filtration. 1000L
    One with just live rock. 1000L
    One for excess water volume. 5000L
    I've made successful filters in the past, so filters aren't an issue.
    I'll also be building a commercial protein skimmer.
    I collect all my rain water, so I believe fresh water for top ups aren't an issue either.
    Can too much water have a severe consequence?
    Other than a 10% water change being a ton?
    Can saltwater be kept indefinite if kept cool and in the dark?
    I know most people who have huge tanks pump in sea water direct (not an option)
    Can anyone foresee a problem down the line?

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    One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish...