Build Planted Fish Tank

  1. Thida

    Thida Valued Member Member

    Please tell me how to build my 40 gal tank to look like this person tank. (Sorry I don't know who the owner is.)

    All I have now is:
    40 gal tank
    Aqueous full spectrum 17watt? (See pic)
    Penguin 350 bio wheel filter
    12 lbs substrate
    And 2bags of rocks/gravels ( I probably going to change to sand)

    Tell me what else I need to put in the tank beside a heater . I'm hearing something about CO2 thing for the plant to thrive... today I saw online sale at petco for plant set up (see pic below). I don't remember reading on here about the tablets... so I'm confused.

    Somebody guide me to the right direction!

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  2. DuaneV

    DuaneV Well Known Member Member

    A good planted tank starts with the plants. Do you want high light or low light? Do you want to have to use fertilizers or not? Do you want to run CO2 or not? Figure out what plants you want and/or decide it you want a low tech tank vs. high tech tank. Once you do that you can figure out your next step: Substrate. You can use any one of many expensive substrates or you can use dirt, topsoil or organic potting soil with no added ferts. If you go the dirted/soil route youll want to cap it with sand or small gravel.

    As for your 12lbs of substrate, most tanks use a little more than a pound per gallon. In a 40 gallon, Id use around 50-55lbs of substrate. In a dirted tank of 40 gallons, Id use 1 1/2" of dirt, then another 1 or so of a sand/gravel cap.

    What is more important to you, the type of plants you keep or the type of fish? Once you decide, then you can really decide the most important factor: Low tech or high tech.