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I'm having fun here so hopefully others will too. I've read a plethora of information on people doing right and wrong with mixing fish, but this one is unique to me.

I have a new 55 gallon tank (48"). I'm setting up the stand and cycling the water now. I plan to do this for a good month if not longer. I have media from a good cycled tank to move over and filtrate. Not sure of filtration yet, but I will either make a canister filter (under or hanging) or possibly create a sump from my 10g.

Now I need to decide what to put in there. My preference I know...but I thought I would see what others think.

Pleco with all options. Early so that it is bigger than any mouths

Option A:
I grew up with Oscars and Convicts. Love their character and aggression. I realize they are the Yellow Labradors (dog) of the fish world but I have a Yellow Labrador too! I know 55 gallon is too small but I was thinking about starting with an Oscar and 2-5 Convicts. I'm prepping a acrylic build now but not sure when it will start. So the risk is that I need to have the new 120g tank done as the Oscar gets bigger. Time is against me here, but I love Oscars!

Option B:
Convicts and Firemouths with perhaps a Jack Dempsey? JD's stay a little smaller than Oscars so I thought that might be a more safe route.

Option C:
A good partnership with some mixed cichlids such as firemouth, rams (too small?) and some other colorful fish. I'm guessing that I need to keep to Central/South American fish and not mix in Africans for temp reasons. I'm afraid Convicts might not mix well with these fish.

I have a good four weeks to decide. But last question is what/who do you guys prefer for online fish orders?


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2 years
Following. I am about to set up my 55 soon. (Mine might take longer, but thats okay).

My other half loves oscars as well. We decided on getting electric blue acaras a pairing of those. Maybe its something you might be interested in?

Aquatic Arts isn't a bad site to order from...thats the only one I know of for sure that people use and I have used.
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