Bugs in planted tank

  1. axel Well Known Member Member

    There some little brown thing looks like ant moving in anubias and bacopa leaves,i cant see what it is,but will it harm my plants? how did they get there to begin with? is it because i use ADA amazonia soil? Can i get rid of it by putting fish in my tank?
  2. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    How are they moving? Can you see legs or are they gliding like a snail or are they moving in short, jerky "hops"?

  3. Quibbles Member Member

    Hmm, a small ant-thing. Probably no threat to plants. Fish could potentially eat it, depending on fish. Is it just one? Or are there many? Also, how big is your tank, and what is your temperature?
  4. axel Well Known Member Member

    i saw another one,theres like white bug crawling on soil,no its like an ant moving on a leaf but slower..my tank temperature 29-30..not sure if its because of my new plant i bought 3 days ago..but i alredy saw some before replacing my old plant..no fish yet.its 90 gallon tank...i just found 1-2 on soil and some 3-4 on leaves

  5. Quibbles Member Member

    Are they really ant-like, or slug like?
  6. axel Well Known Member Member

    its so small cant really see it,its looks like oval shape
  7. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Maybe baby snails?

  8. axel Well Known Member Member

    some kind of crustacean i think,not sure..i found my anubias leaf have a small hole in it,not sure if those bug did this or not..other plant seems fine though
  9. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Anubias are pretty tough. I'd say it's unlikely but until these "bugs" are identified, entirely possible!
  10. axel Well Known Member Member

    its hard to find them,they just randomly appear out of nowhere,even if i found one,its hard to identified with,so small like dust spec..