Bug Or Baby?

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    Hi, I have a 33 gallon aquarium with 4 guppies, 4 cherry shrimp, and one sucker as well as a seperate tank with 20ish guppy fry. My cherry shrimp are fairly new as well as some live plants, I just put them in the other day. Lately I've only been seeing 2 shrimp at a time so this morning I moved my fake plant that covers around 1/3 of my aquarium bottom to see if the other shrimp were under there because I wanted to make sure they weren't dead. When I moved it this little black thing that had a lighter belly swam out really fast then went into my other live plant and I didn't see where it went. So basically I'm wondering if sucker fish are live bearers, as I only bought this one about a week and a half ago, but I don't know what sex it is. Is this just a little sucker baby or some sort of bug I have to worry about?

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  2. Bruxes and BubblesWell Known MemberMember

    Plecostomus are egg layers, not livebearers. It could be a baby shrimp or guppy, perhaps.

    Edit: Here's a good guide of aquatic bugs, insects, worms, etc that you may see.

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    Thanks for the quick response:) My shrimp didn't look like they had eggs in them and they're still not fully grown so I'm not sure that they can even reproduce yet, and it's definitely not a guppy fry. It's a lot darker and wider than a fry.

    I googled some aquarium bugs but I didn't see this thing
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    Could you tell if it had legs or explain how it swam? It's a bit hard to ID without a picture.
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    Sorry I know, I just don't know where it is in my aquarium right now. It didn't look like it had legs but I only saw it for a brief moment. It swam kinda drunk looking, like it didn't really have to much control but it still swam a little when it got close to the plant. I didn't see anything on the plants before I put them in my aquarium but one of them was bushy so I could have missed something. I have cherry shrimp, if it was one of their young would it be so dark? And it seems pretty large considering it would have just been born yesterday ish.
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    If you brought home some live plants unless they were invitro/tissue cultured there's a high chance of a hitch hiker. Lots of places grow their plants outside and even in shops there's no telling what hitch hiked from other plants or bugs that flew in and laid eggs etc. I would find it. Dragon fly larvae will eat shrimp and small fish.. as well as many other aquatic bugs and larvae.