Buffer and PH keep tanking



I'm having issues keeping my PH stable. I have fluval stratum as substrate and a good chunk of mopani wood, which I believe are lowering my PH. My buffer gradually drops to zero and the PH tanks below 6.

I have hard water out of the tap and PH is between 7-8. I've been correcting tank PH with water changes, but I know the swings are dangerous for my fish. I have cuttlebone in there to try and help and for my snail to munch on.

I'm using a sponge filter only, so adding media is challenging. As my plants grow in will that help stabilize things? Should I just hang a media bag of crushed coral in there? Any other thoughts/suggestions? I would prefer not to dump a bunch of chemicals in.

Thanks in advance!

Madeline Peterson

Just test your buffer every day and add more, mixed with water, when you need it.

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