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Discussion in 'Fish Memorials' started by DylanM, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. DylanMWell Known MemberMember

    I thought there was a memorial category somewhere, but I couldn't find it, and I don't think anyone else has made this topic yet since the news just came out, so I'm just going to post this here. Recently Joey's (King of DIY) asian arowana passed away, and I haven't even watched his channel for a year but It really affected me. I know it's not my fish, but I feel like since he is so influential in the freshwater fish keeping hoby, and that arowana was his main fish, which he has had for about 5 years now, he should be recognized and remembered on a fish keeping forum that admittedly focuses mostly on freshwater fish. I was happy to find out the arowana had been given a name, and hadn't passed away just another aquarium fish. SIP Buddy.

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  2. kayla.sWell Known MemberMember

    I've been following the story and was really hoping he would pull through. I haven't seen anything about the fish passing yet...so awful:( I'll go check it out now

  3. FanaticFishlore VIPMember

    Aw, it's heartbreaking.
    I just saw the video, and I had been keeping myself updated with the progress of the fish.

    Did you see his motto at the end?
    "I'm sorry I couldn't save you Buddy. -dad"

    That's the part that really did it for me.
    Super sad. I hope Joey will be having a good future with his fish.

  4. DylanMWell Known MemberMember

    Yes, I saw that part at the end. I am going to admit I cried a little, I was so excited for the 2k gallon aquarium... and then this happens.
  5. FashoogaFishlore VIPMember

    Terrible loss for him...tough to watch his last few videos.
  6. :) fatcatfish (:Well Known MemberMember

    It was such a heart-breaking video, I found it really hard to watch. I was really hoping Buddy would pull through.
  7. BuddyDWell Known MemberMember

    Please don't give your fish 'real' names. My name is Buddy and I have Liver Disease and could die at anytime if a donor doesn't materialize soon.
    A 'Buddy' memorial is unnerving and in my case too soon.
  8. DylanMWell Known MemberMember

    I'm truly sorry for your situation and I really hope that you can find a donor. However a coincidence is no reason to not name a fish, a living being that has every right and deserves to be remembered by a name. Best wishes.
  9. SomethingsFishy1Valued MemberMember

    I was really disappointed and heartbroken when I heard that the arowana died :( He was the reason why I wanted an arowana. I wonder if Joey is going to move the red chili to the 2000g.
  10. ZerologistWell Known MemberMember

    RIP Arowana :(
  11. AvalancheDaveWell Known MemberMember

    Sorry, but "Buddy" is a pet's name, just like Rowdy, Smokey, and Rover.
  12. FanaticFishlore VIPMember

    Who says it has to be a pets name?
    @BuddyD I'm really respectful about your situation.
  13. AvalancheDaveWell Known MemberMember


    "Very rarely used as a proper name;"


    #4 name for male dogs.
  14. fishychachkiValued MemberMember

    Joey never even intended to name him 'buddy' nor did he name the vast majority of his fishes. He just used it for the arowana as a casual "hey, buddy" kind of thing but as the beloved fish died he decided to just make 'Buddy' his official name since that's what he always called him anyway...

    I send my prayers to anyone with serious/long-term/terminal medical issues and I am sure it must be a stressful experience, my parents and I have gone through such hard days a number of times. But expecting people to give/not give names to their pets is just being unreasonable. I generally don't name my pets because I prefer not to despite my emotional attachment to all of then. It would be unfair to expect me to name them all just as to expect people who name their pets to not do so.

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