Buddies for a Bleeding Heart Tetra

Discussion in 'Bleeding Heart Tetra' started by bethm, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. bethmNew MemberMember


    I have a bleeding heart tetra that has been in my 23 gallon tank for about two or three weeks now. I started out with four bleeding hearts and planned to get two or three more because they kept nipping at each others' fins and I read they are schooling fish and need buddies to reduce fin nipping and stress. Long story short: all but one of my bleeding hearts died shortly after I got them and I'm having trouble finding healthy bleeding hearts, if any, at my LFS. Are there any alternatives that I can get for her to school with? I'm pretty sure she's a female because she has a rounded dorsal fin instead of a sickle-shaped one. The only other fish I currently have in the tank are a couple of male delta guppies. I've also been thinking of getting a platy or two sometime in the future if possible after finding tank mates for my bleeding heart.

  2. I love my pufferValued MemberMember

    Umm well, you want to get some very peacefully fish. Mabel a different type of tetra or some peacefully schooling fish of the same kind?

    Best of Luck!
    I love my puffer

    I mean size:)
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  3. hampalongWell Known MemberMember

    It needs other bleeding hearts. No other fish will do. (It might hang out with others, but it will still feel 'alone').
  4. bethmNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the help! My LFS finally got some more bleeding hearts in so now my bleeding heart has four new buddies and seems right at home with them. :;toast
  5. I love my pufferValued MemberMember


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