Bubble Nest?

  1. Bailey Oswald Well Known Member Member

    My betta, Zach, who I got yesterday, made a bubble nest! I saw him adding a couple bubbles. However, it seems quite extensive. There seems to be a main nest, but bubbles spread all around. Is just the main part the nest or did he make all those bubbles? The main part is what I saw him adding bubbles to. His tank is known for making bubbles but I got all the bubbles off. Usually the bubbles the tank make aren't by the surface like that. fe2c8a8e642493c53999bf5278b926f7.jpg 2fdcf66e2cb37fbe646e45d6ac06df1c.jpg 49d1abd232163d1992edcf74271e949e.jpg
  2. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member


    It does look like a bubble nest, and Bettas tend to do this (other than having a lady friend in the tank) when they get comfortable in their surroundings and healthy; its what they do lol!

    And don't freak out if you have to destroy when doing a water change or tank maintenance; he'll most likely build it again, and they shouldn't mind. Mine like to build nests when he sees me soaking/defrosting his food. He's a very excitable guy :p

    Also, don't take the bubble nest as a sign to breed him (unless your prepared for that, of course!). I often seen too many cases where Betta owners will provide a female completely unprepared for fry and the breeding process. You probably know this, but it doesn't hurt to mention :)

    Hope this helps and best of luck!
  3. Bailey Oswald Well Known Member Member

    Thank you! My Owen has never made one, so I was super excited to see that Zach made one on his second day with me.

    Yeah, I don't plan on breeding. I don't want to deal with lots of little fry and all that jazz.
  4. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    Okay :) It is really cute when they do it. And I'm so glad he got comfy really quick
  5. Biiba Member Member

    It definitely looks like a bubble nest!
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  7. Bailey Oswald Well Known Member Member

    He's been working on it a lot for maybe the past 30 minutes. Really cute and fascinating.