bta sucked into HOT filter... help!


hI i'm new to the site but need some help! woke up and my bta was sucked into my filter. he is still alive, and the foot isn't damaged, and the mouth is n't sucked up. about 1/3 of him is badly sucked up and stuck in the intake. I don't know if he will be able to get out himself.

any suggestions? do I leave him alone or try myself?

he seems to be okay despite being stuck. tentacles are inflated and foot is still attached to glass.

55 gal
HOT filter; eshopps protein skimmer; 2 K3 powerheads; t5 lighting
paramaters: ammonia-0; nitrite-0; nitrate- 10.


Hello Lowrah. Welcome to Fish Lore. I wish it were under better circumstances.

So sorry to hear you have a stuck critter. I've never kept salt tanks so I'm not familiar with the one in question. My best suggestion is to stop the filter and see what happens. Maybe it can free itself. If not then you may not have a choice but to remove it yourself.

Best wishes!


you could disconnect the tube from the pump and maybe blow in it from the other end, other than that I don't know of any safer way I'm sorry.


This will damage the end part, but what you could de is maybe using a knife, cut out the plastic pieces so you could slide it out. Don't let the anemone eat the pieces tough .
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I was thinking about doing that but wasn't sure if I should try.
what should I use to cut the hard plastic? I'm sure scissors won't work too well
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