Brutus the Bully

  1. Crissandra331 Member Member

    So I've had a few BNP mainly the Albino variation. I've had males and females, I've noticed for such a small fish their somewhat territorial. I've seen him take on my Angelfish if they show interest in his food. Mainly just seen them take on larger fish. I've noticed that they REALLY like their space. I have 1 in a 65 gal and I've noticed him gaining quite a bit of territory. In the beginning he was really good with my Panda Corys, Now he's just become this Brute that chases everyone away from their food. He has to try a little bit of everything! But definitely lacks that sharing factor. I'm thinking about putting him back down in my 30gal where he wont have as many tank-mates but still have reasonable amount of territory. He's also taking a real liking to my melon plant and has proceeded to suck a large amount of the like pigment out of the leaves. Brutus is out of control. I feel he has enough to rasp on between the different plants and wood but he constantly goes to this melon plant.
    Does anyone else have pushy bristlenose's?

    I had a Sailfin Pleco a while back that I really adored and he was the most gentle fish you could ever meet, quite the opposite of the BNP's I've had.
  2. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    My bristlenose is quite peaceful. The only downside is how messy he is :).
  3. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    I've had BNP's in the past but never with plants (don't care much for plants) and they were fine with the other fish. Up until very recently I had a 7" Gold Royal Pleco in with plants and he destroyed 1/2 of them which I put up with 'cause it was the fish before the plants. My GRP WAS aggressive towards the other fish (for his 1/3 of a 125g) and a bully with the food but once again I found (and the other fish) ways of dealing with it. IME pleco have different temperaments even amongst the same kind and have to be delt with on an individual basis. I'm sure you'll figure out what's best for your specific tank, good luck :).
  4. Crissandra331 Member Member

    Not a fan of plants?!?! that's my favorite part!!! I can see why you got into SW. I feel like my old BNP reincarnated to my current BNP I always get the feisty ones ;) But I decided to move him to my 30 Gal where I can better control his feeding, little piggy. And he has plenty of room to be a jerk, so think that will work out for everyone ;)
  5. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    Oh go grow a tomato plant my friend!!! You know I'm kidding Cris :)!?!?
  6. Crissandra331 Member Member

    Lol tomato plants are a real problem around here!! Thought i'd be a nice neighbor & let my neighbor put some tomato plants out front, Now I can barely get threw my front door, & I don't even eat tomatoes!!!:shock:
  7. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    I don't eat tomatoes either but love 'em in sauce form. Hey why don't you go put them in your fish tank hun?
  8. Crissandra331 Member Member

    The tomatoes or the whole plant? lol

    I don't eat veggies so if my questions seem odd regarding veggies thats why lol

    Tomatoes in sauce form is def the way to go ;) Could live off red sauce.
  9. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    I HATE veggies but force myself to eat them to help stay alive! Yeah put the whole plant in there, why not?. I don't get this whole plant thing, this forum should be called plantlore or corallore but it's not - It's Fishlore!!! 'nuf said!