Brrr, my betta is cold!


I stuck my hand in today to snip off a dead leaf and realized how cold the water is in my 10 gallon tank. My betta seems fine, but I'm sure he's not too happy with it. I have a thermometer in there, and I kept an eye on it the first month or more closely, but I guess I slacked off into the routine of assuming it was still ok. It's reading at 71 degrees right now. My living room gets fairly chilly in the winter from the front door getting opened 90 times a day.

The only heaters sold at my lfs are the Deep Blue sticks, which are way too tall for the 10 gallon, I could put it horizontal I guess but it'd look pretty ugly. He currently has a Tetra heater from Walmart designed for 5-15 gallon tanks.. and I guess it's not strong enough.

Can someone recommend a stronger one that won't take up half the wall of the tank?


Aqueon Pro Heater:

I had the same one (tetra) from walmart and now that winter is here (and a larger tank) it wasn't cutting it. I was recommended the Aqueon pro heater here on the forum and I love it! Not sure what watt you would need though... I have the 100 watt in my 20 Long.

-reviewers say they have a 50 watt for their 10 gallon.


+1 for the Aqueon Pro, I believe a 50 watt would be plenty to keep the tank warm without a problem.


The Tetra ones I have only reach 78F no higher.
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Thanks guys, I'll get the aqueon pro


I'd be careful ordering off Amazon. Aqueon makes two kinds of heaters. The photo they're showing there is of the normal (non pro) model and they're really REALLY subpar. Also the price of the non pro model as well.. seems to suggest they've mislabeled their stock.

You can get one here: You can also get them at Petco's online site:

Otherwise Jager is good.

100w will carry it up to 15 degrees above room temp. 50w will do roughly 10 degrees.

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