55 Gallon Tank BRP and possibly a blue ram?


Opinions please or some expert advice. If you have been reading the threads I got a 55 gallon tank today and am cycling it to rehome my BRP cichlid Atlas. He recently killed his tankmate a tiger botia last week in the 20 gallon hes currently in. Now since he will be in a 55 I will be putting the snail in with him which he doesn't bother, possibly a couple of giant corys that I discovered at the LFS today, and I really like the blue rams. So now the big question is, Will a BRP and a Blue Ram get along in a tank that big or should I avoid another cichlid, Id get another BRP but he attacks his own reflection and if that's a heads up for what may happen then I don't want to chance it. Hes a juvenile but my cousin raised him alone and I think hes just used to being alone, but 55 gallons id a lot of space.


I answered this in your other post as well but a ram is a bad idea with a brp


Good morning,

Congrats on the new tank! I would recommend a 2nd Blood Red Parrot (Bloody Parrot) before I considered another species. I've never had any aggression issues (other than at spawning time) between Bloody Parrots.

When I set up my 265g last year, I added 2 Bloody Parrots (juveniles) to the 9 adults I already had. They were treated just like one of the family and like they had been in there all of their lives.

I think Atlas would appreciate a buddy of his own kind
Best wishes!
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Thanks all!!!! Cant wait till its cycled!!!

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